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A commercial and industrial elite: a study of Birmingham's upper middle class, 1780-1914
Ballard, Phillada D., Ph.D. (1984), Reading (Collins, E.J.T.)
Social protest, popular disturbances and public order in Dorset, 1790-1838
Bawn, K.P., Ph.D. (1984), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
Epidemics and mortality in Great Yarmouth and Norfolk, 1560-1780
Edrich, R.C., Ph.D. (1984), Reading (Wordie, J.R.)
An economic history of woodlands in southern England, 1700-1914.
Young, J.D., Ph.D. (1984), Reading (Collins, E.J.T.; Wordie, J.R.)
An analysis of the province of Bergamo under the Fascist regime, with particular reference to the economic and political effects of the world crisis.
Bull, A., Ph.D. (1983), Reading
The making of Liberal party policy, 1945-80
Burton, M.E., Ph.D. (1983), Reading
The mints and moneyers of Edward the Confessor
Freeman, W.A.D., Ph.D. (1983), Reading (Slade, C.F.)
The life of Joseph Thomas (Austen) Treffry, 1782-1850
Keast, W.J., M.Phil. (1983), Reading (Chalklin, C.W.)
The development of the Liverpool Corporation Estate, 1760-1835
Longmore, Jane, Ph.D. (1983), Reading (Chalklin, C.W.)
The Middlesex Justices Act of 1792: its origins and effects
Paley, R., Ph.D. (1983), Reading
From the Conciliazione to the Riconciliazione: the Church and the Fascist regime in Italy, 1929-32.
Pollard, J.F., Ph.D. (1983), Reading
The Roman pottery of Kent
Pollard. , R.J., Ph.D. (1983), Reading (Fulford, M.G.)
Gilbert's Act parish: the relief and treatment of the poor in the town and parish of Hungerford, Berks., 1783-1834
Stafford, D.S., M.Phil. (1983), Reading (Chalklin, C.W.)
Local magistracy in Middlesex, 1790-1820
Thompson, Ruth, Ph.D. (1983), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
Agrarian change on the S. Yorkshire coalfield, 1770-1875
Watson, R.A., M.Phil. (1983), Reading (Collins, E.J.T.; Wordie, J.R.)
Open and closed parishes in 19th-century England
Banks, Sarah J., Ph.D. (1982), Reading (Collins, E.J.T.; Wordie, J.R.)
The deserted medieval villages of N. Berkshire
Brooks, J.E., Ph.D. (1982), Reading (Slade, C.F.)
Poor relief in Coventry, 1500-1640
Chester. , J.A., M.Phil. (1982), Reading (Chalklin, C.W.)
Some aspects of economic development in Iran, 1800-1906
Seyf, A., Ph.D. (1982), Reading
The compilation and production of a classic county history: a study of Francis Blomefield's History of Norfolk
Stoker, D., M.Phil. (1982), Reading (Dodwell, Barbara)