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Adult Contin. Educ

The development of middle-class housing in western Sheffield during the 19th century.
Wilson, Nyra M., Ph.D. (1998), Sheffield (Hey, David G.; Harper, R.H.)
The economic development of Sheffield and the growth of the town, c.1740-c.1820.
Flavell, Neville, Ph.D. (1997), Sheffield (Crossley, David W.; Hey, David G.)
Continuity and change in a S. Yorkshire township: Worsborough from the mid 16th century to the mid 19th century.
Ashurst, Denis, Ph.D. (1994), Sheffield (Hey, D.G.)
Stability and change in the administrative area of Milton hundred (Kent): with special reference to the second half of the 19th century.
Bellingham, Patricia, Ph.D. (1993), Sheffield (Hey, D.G.; Widdowson, J.D.A.)
S. Yorkshire coal-mining communities in the 19th century.
Walker, Andrew G., Ph.D. (1993), Sheffield (Hey, D.G.; Widdowson, J.D.A.)