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Refugee camps in West Germany, 1945-60: community building and integration.
McLaren, Meryn, Ph.D. (2009), Sheffield (Ziemann, Benjamin)
Rectifying the 'ignoraunce of history': John Foxe and the collaborative reformation of England's past.
Phillpott, Matthew, Ph.D. (2009), Sheffield (Greengrass, Mark)
Urban development in northern Italy: Emilia, Venetia, Liguria and Tuscia (c.400-c.774).
Spedale-Latimer, Simona, Ph.D. (2009), Sheffield (Loseby, Simon)
John Foxe's Latin writings: their intellectual and social context, with special reference to the period of his exile, 1554-9.
Wade, John, Ph.D. (2009), Sheffield (Greengrass, Mark)
Contested loyalties: regional and national identities in the midland kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, c.700-c.900.
Capper, Morn D.T., Ph.D. (2008), Sheffield (Foot, Sarah)
The 'Juventud de Acción Popular' in Spain, 1932-7.
Lowe, Simon, Ph.D. (2008), Sheffield (Vincent, Mary)
Giles Fletcher, the elder (1546-1611) and the writing of Russia.
Stout, Felicity, Ph.D. (2008), Sheffield (Braddick, Michael J.)
Dynastic strategies and regional loyalties: Wessex, Mercia and Kent, 802-939.
Little, Geoff, Ph.D. (2007), Sheffield
Social exclusion from early medieval Wessex.
Riddiford, Martha, Ph.D. (2007), Sheffield
The origins of late 18th-century prison reform in England.
Hardman, Philippa, Ph.D. (2006), Sheffield
Rural discontent in Derbyshire, 1830-50.
Jones, Alan F., Ph.D. (2004), Sheffield (Martin, David E.; Shoemaker, Robert B.)
Zambia's mineworkers and political change, 1964-91.
Larmer, Miles, Ph.D. (2004), Sheffield (Phimster, Ian)
Benjamin Worsley (1618-77): commerce, colonisation and the fate of the Universal Reformation.
Leng, Thomas L., Ph.D. (2004), Sheffield (Braddick, Michael; Greengrass, Mark)
Constructions of sanctity and the Anglo-Saxon missions to the Continent, 690-900.
Palmer, James T., Ph.D. (2004), Sheffield (Foot, Sarah; Loseby, Simon)
Prisoner of war families and the British government during the Second World War.
Hately-Broad, Barbara, Ph.D. (2003), Sheffield (Moore, Robert)
The pamphlet debates over tithes and the ministry in England, 1642-60.
McLaughlin, Jamie J.S., M.Phil. (2003), Sheffield (Milton, Anthony; Greengrass, Mark)
Politics from the outside: a life of F.S. Oliver, 1864-1934.
Pollard, Michael, Ph.D. (2003), Sheffield (Binfield, J. Clyde G.)
Liberation culture: African American culture as a political weapon in the 1960s civil rights movement.
Street, Joseph, Ph.D. (2003), Sheffield (Cook, Robert J.; Wilford, F. Hugh)
'Our land is desolate as if laid waste by the enemy': Franks and Northernmen in the 9th century.
Adfield, David J., Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Foot, Sarah R.I.; Loseby, Simon T.)
John Venn's Alumni Cantabrigienses: a case study of a biographical dictionary and the automated conversion of the printed text to a structured database format.
Barker, Emma J., Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Greengrass, Mark; Willett, Peter)