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The origins of late 18th-century prison reform in England.
Hardman, Philippa, Ph.D. (2006), Sheffield
Rural discontent in Derbyshire, 1830-50.
Jones, Alan F., Ph.D. (2004), Sheffield (Martin, David E.; Shoemaker, Robert B.)
Zambia's mineworkers and political change, 1964-91.
Larmer, Miles, Ph.D. (2004), Sheffield (Phimster, Ian)
Benjamin Worsley (1618-77): commerce, colonisation and the fate of the Universal Reformation.
Leng, Thomas L., Ph.D. (2004), Sheffield (Braddick, Michael; Greengrass, Mark)
Constructions of sanctity and the Anglo-Saxon missions to the Continent, 690-900.
Palmer, James T., Ph.D. (2004), Sheffield (Foot, Sarah; Loseby, Simon)
Prisoner of war families and the British government during the Second World War.
Hately-Broad, Barbara, Ph.D. (2003), Sheffield (Moore, Robert)
The pamphlet debates over tithes and the ministry in England, 1642-60.
McLaughlin, Jamie J.S., M.Phil. (2003), Sheffield (Milton, Anthony; Greengrass, Mark)
Politics from the outside: a life of F.S. Oliver, 1864-1934.
Pollard, Michael, Ph.D. (2003), Sheffield (Binfield, J. Clyde G.)
Liberation culture: African American culture as a political weapon in the 1960s civil rights movement.
Street, Joseph, Ph.D. (2003), Sheffield (Cook, Robert J.; Wilford, F. Hugh)
'Our land is desolate as if laid waste by the enemy': Franks and Northernmen in the 9th century.
Adfield, David J., Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Foot, Sarah R.I.; Loseby, Simon T.)
John Venn's Alumni Cantabrigienses: a case study of a biographical dictionary and the automated conversion of the printed text to a structured database format.
Barker, Emma J., Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Greengrass, Mark; Willett, Peter)
English attitudes and perceptions towards colonial endeavour, c.1600-1660.
Hanson, Julie, Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Greengrass, Mark)
Jewish immigration into Britain after 1945.
Kelly, Sean, Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Holmes, Colin; Moore, Robert)
Hermits in the west of France during the 11th and 12th centuries.
Kerney, Damian A., Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Luscombe, David E.; Foot, Sarah R.I.)
An edition of the 'coucher book' and charters of Bolton Priory (Yorkshire).
Legg, Katrina, Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Kershaw, Ian; Smith, David M.)
'Very deeply dyed in the black': the resurrection of British fascism, 1940-53.
Macklin, Graham D., Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Thurlow, Richard C.)
Self-effacing agents: women and the pamphlet culture of revolutionary England, 1640-60.
Nevitt, Marcus, Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Greengrass, Mark; Owen, Susan J.)
A political biography of Alexander Raven Thomson.
Pugh, Peter R., Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Thurlow, Richard C.)
The relationship between religious thought and the theory and practice of church music in England, 1603-c.1640.
Webster, Peter, Ph.D. (2002), Sheffield (Milton, Anthony; Brown, Alan)
Congregational connexionalism: a study of General Baptists and their successors in Derbyshire, 1750-1914.
Wombwell, Margaret J., M.Phil. (2002), Sheffield (Binfield, J. Clyde G.)