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A comparative study to show how medieval European religious history was understood in Italy and Britain in the 18th century.
Barnett, Stephen J., Ph.D. (1996), Sheffield (Luscombe, David E.; Kirk, Linda M.)
The workshops of the cutlery industry in Hallamshire, 1750-1900.
Beauchamp, Victoria A., Ph.D. (1996), Sheffield
The Political Warfare Executive and 'propaganda', 1943-6.
Elkes, Pauline, Ph.D. (1996), Sheffield (Thurlow, Richard C.)
Sympathy, antipathy, hostility: British attitudes to non-repatriable Poles and Ukrainians after the Second World War and to the Hungarian refugees of 1956.
Hanson, Janine, Ph.D. (1996), Sheffield (Holmes, Colin)
The Book of Sports in context: sabbatarian legislation in Lancashire, 1579-1616.
Racaut, Luc, M.Phil. (1996), Sheffield (Milton, Anthony; Braddick, Michael J.)
The Rifle Brigade, 1800-c.1870: a study of social, cultural and religious attitudes.
Stevens, Crosby, Ph.D. (1996), Sheffield (Binfield, J. Clyde G.)
Psychology and ministry: the life and work of Leslie Weatherhead.
Travell, John C., Ph.D. (1996), Sheffield (Binfield, J. Clyde G.)
The reform of secondary education policy in Taiwan, 1945-95.
Weng, Fwu-Yuan, Ph.D. (1996), Sheffield
Intellectual contacts between Protestant Germany, the Netherlands and England, 1640-60.
Young, John, Ph.D. (1996), Sheffield (Greengrass, Mark)
An examination of the role of religion and public worship within the Roman empire, with specific reference to Gaul.
Copeland, Susan M., M.Phil. (1995), Sheffield (Collis, J.R.)
Imperialism, autocracy and nationalism in eastern Europe: the responses of British radicals, 1900-14.
Hansen, Philip W., Ph.D. (1995), Sheffield (Bentley, M.J.)
Mansfield College, Oxford: its origin, history and significance.
Kaye, Elaine H., Ph.D. (1995), Sheffield (Binfield, J.C.G.)
Survivors of the Holocaust.
Kellerman, Ingrid, M.Phil. (1995), Sheffield (Holmes, C.)
Aspects of the employment of children in the British coalmining industry, 1800-72.
Kirby, Peter T., Ph.D. (1995), Sheffield (Martin, D.E.; Woodward, J.H.)
Accounting for change: a case study of education in Bradford from the 1960s to the 1990s.
Shaw, A., M.Phil. (1995), Sheffield
The counts of the Perche, 1066-1217: sources of power and the politics of the southern Norman frontier and Anglo-Norman realm.
Thompson, Kathleen H., Ph.D. (1995), Sheffield (King, Edmund J.)
A history of the Jewish community in Bradford, 1870-1970.
Harris, Sydney, Ph.D. (1994), Sheffield (Holmes, C.)
Urbanization in Roman Gaul: the place of the vicus.
Rorison, Monica, Ph.D. (1994), Sheffield (Collis, J.R.)
Bishop John Stokesley: a humanist reformer at the court of Henry VIII.
Chibi, Andrew A., Ph.D. (1993), Sheffield (Greengrass, M.)
English Protestant religion in the 1940s.
Lord, Eric, M.Phil. (1993), Sheffield (Binfield, J.C.G.)