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The Irish in N. Lancashire and W. Cumberland, c.1850-1906: aspects of the social history of Barrow-in-Furness, Cleator Moor and their hinterlands.
MacRaild, Donald M., Ph.D. (1993), Sheffield (Martin, D.E.)
The history of building societies in Bradford in the 19th century.
Mayho, T. Clifford, M.Phil. (1993), Sheffield (Martin, D.E.)
Growth, stagnation and crisis: the demography of York, 1561-1700.
Galley, Christopher, Ph.D. (1992), Sheffield (Woodward, J.H.; Woods, R.I,)
John of Salisbury and his correspondents.
Hirata, Yoko, Ph.D. (1992), Sheffield (Luscombe, D.E.)
European volunteer workers in Bradford since the Second World War.
Lodge, Donna, M.Phil. (1992), Sheffield (Holmes, C.)
Marketing and exchange systems in south-central Italy.
Roberts, Paul, Ph.D. (1992), Sheffield (Collis, J.R.)
Problems in historical construction: an idealist approach.
Rogerson, Paul G., Ph.D. (1992), Sheffield (Bentley, M.J.)
Parish and gathered church: a comparison of Evangelical Protestantism in S. Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire, 1789-1914.
Booth, Michael A., M.Phil. (1991), Sheffield (Binfield, J.C.G.)
The economy of the Roman S. Pennines, with special r3eference to the lead extraction industry.
Dearne, Martin J., Ph.D. (1991), Sheffield (Branigan, K.)
Women magistrates, ministers and municipal councillors in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1918-39.
Dunkley, Sylvia J., Ph.D. (1991), Sheffield (Binfield, J.C.G.; Stevenson, J.)
Ship money during the personal rule of Charles I: politics, ideology and the law, 1634-40.
Gill, Alison A.M., Ph.D. (1991), Sheffield (Greengrass, M.)
Roman military architecture on the eastern frontier, A.D. 200-600.
Gregory, J. Shelagh, Ph.D. (1991), Sheffield (Kennedy, D.L.)
Yorkshire politics, 1658-88.
Keen, Cheryl M., Ph.D. (1991), Sheffield (Greengrass, M.)
The evolution of Puritan mentality in an Essex cloth town: Dedham and the Stour valley, 1560-1640.
Pennie, Alan R., Ph.D. (1991), Sheffield (Greengrass, M.)
The Free Church army chaplain, 1830-1930.
Thompson, John H., Ph.D. (1991), Sheffield (Binfield, J.C.G.)
Norman Gratton and his Derbyshire, 1889-1982: a study of Derbyshire life.
Wilshaw, Muriel, M.Phil. (1991), Sheffield (Binfield, J.C.G.)