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Barrows and buildings, ditches and dwellings: the appropriation of prehistoric monuments in early to middle Anglo-Saxon settlements.
Crewe, Vicky A., Ph.D. (2010), Sheffield
'Breaking and repairing': conflicting values in the historic gardens of China.
Gao, Lei, Ph.D. (2010), Sheffield
Lincoln in the Viking age: a 'town' in context.
Harkel, Aleida T.T., Ph.D. (2010), Sheffield
Going native: British diplomatic, judicial and consular architecture in China, 1867-1949.
Huang, Hsin-Yin, Ph.D. (2010), Sheffield
The maturing flute: the historical, technical and musical development of the flute in 19th-century England.
Hung, Jui-Fen, M.Mus. (2010), Sheffield
Ethnic, cultural and social identity in Roman to post-Roman south-west Britain.
Jarrett, Kirsten, Ph.D. (2010), Sheffield
An examination of the bamboo flute 'dizi' in Taiwan: its history, aesthetics, learning and modernisation process.
Lu, Panling, Ph.D. (2010), Sheffield
History and conservation of gardens in Korea.
Yoon, Sang-jun, Ph.D. (2009), Sheffield
Hand tool manufacture during the Industrial Revolution: sawmaking in Sheffield, c.1750-c.1830.
Barley, Simon L., Ph.D. (2008), Sheffield
A practical modern education': the role of the dissenting academies in the development of English education.
Moss, C.R., M.Phil. (2008), Sheffield
Urban liturgy in the Church of England: a historical, theological and anthropological analysis of the mid Victorian slum priest ritualists and their legacy.
Stratford, Tim, Ph.D. (2008), Sheffield
Black was the colour of our fight': Black Power in Britain, 1955-76.
Wild, Rosalind E., Ph.D. (2008), Sheffield
Guarded neutrality: the internment of foreign military personnel in the Netherlands during the First World War.
Wolf, Susanne, Ph.D. (2008), Sheffield
Thirty years of landscape design in China (1949-79): the era of Mao Zedong.
Zhao, Jijun, Ph.D. (2008), Sheffield
An 'unspectacular' war? Reconstructing the history of the 2nd Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment during the Second World War.
Craggs, Tracy, Ph.D. (2007), Sheffield
A crown and a cross: the origins, development and decline of the Methodist class meeting in 18th-century England.
Goodhead, Andrew F., Ph.D. (2007), Sheffield
Literature and censorship in early Restoration Germany.
Heady, Katy, Ph.D. (2007), Sheffield
The exchequer and some of its revenue generating aspects during the reign of Richard I.
Jackson, John A., Ph.D. (2007), Sheffield
The clarinet in Portugal from its advent to the mid 19th century: composers, performers, repertoire.
Gonçalves da Silva, Luis M., Ph.D. (2006), Sheffield
A view from the ground: understanding the ‘place’ of the Fraser Valley in the changing contexts of a colonial world, 1792-1918.
Oliver, Jeffry M., Ph.D. (2006), Sheffield