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Frankpledge and leet jurisdiction in later medieval Essex.
Crowley, D.A., Ph.D. (1971), Sheffield (Miller, E.)
Physical science teaching in English schools, 1850-1970.
Green, T.B., M.Sc. (1971), Sheffield
The cotton export industry of northern Nigeria, 1900-68.
Hadfield, J., M.A. (1971), Sheffield (Pollard, S.)
The life of Henry Cavendish (1731-1810).
Harvey, R.A., Ph.D. (1971), Sheffield (Batho, G.R.)
Three Spanish reformers of the 16th century: Juan Perez, Cassiodoro de Reina and Cipriano de Valera.
Kinder, A.G., Ph. D. (1971), Sheffield
The British coalmining industry in the inter-war years: a study in industrial organization.
Kirby, M.W., Ph.D. (1971), Sheffield (Pollard, S.)
The development of the Zambian copper economy, 1928-70.
Potts, D.L., M.A. (1971), Sheffield (Anthony, D.W.)
The Royal School of Church Music: a study of its history and its organization and its influence.
Sampson, B.N., M.A. (1971), Sheffield