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British analysis of and reactions to the Taiping and Tonghak revolutions
Nagano, S., Ph.D. (1984), Sheffield
Mental physicians and their patients: psychological medicine in the English pauper lunatic asylums of the later 19th century
Russell, R., Ph.D. (1984), Sheffield (Woodward, J.H.)
The coalmining lock-out of 1926, with particular reference to the Co-operative movement and the poor law
Stevens. , J., Ph.D. (1984), Sheffield (Martin, D.E.)
'Not equal to the demand': major concerns of the Doncaster divisional Labour party, 1918-39
Teanby. , K., M.Phil. (1984), Sheffield (Martin, D.E.; Seyd, P.)
Law, the State and the control of labour in 18th-century England
Collinson, M.G., Ph.D. (1983), Sheffield
Two for threepence: history of local educational provision in Poole, Dorset
Edwards, W.S.F., M.A. (1983), Sheffield (Armytage, W.H.G.)
Thornholme priory: a medieval Augustinian canonry from the foundation to the Dissolution
Moore, Victoria C., M.Phil. (1983), Sheffield (Luscombe, D.E.)
The labour movement's reaction to Hitler
Okada, K., M.Phil. (1983), Sheffield
Lord Macaulay's History of England and the historical imagination
Simmons, C.A., M.Phil. (1983), Sheffield
Class and the decline of fertility in 19th-century England
Smith, C.W., Ph.D. (1983), Sheffield
The evolution of Nazi ideas on foreign policy, 1919-28, with particular reference to Adolf Hitler.
Stoakes, G., Ph.D. (1983), Sheffield (Carr, W.)
The development of elementary education in Widnes, 1840-80
Williams, F.J., M.A. (1983), Sheffield
The search for scapegoats: political responses to organized crime in the United States, 1920-53
Woodiwiss. , M.J., M.Phil. (1983), Sheffield (Renshaw, P.R.G.)
The riddle of the sands: an account of schooling the Libyans, 641(22)- 1951(1371)
Al-Mahjubi, G., Ph.D. (1982), Sheffield
Aspects of nonconformity in six Derbyshire towns, 1850-1914: a comparative study of Derby, Chesterfield, Bakewell, Matlock, Glossop and Belper
Barton, D.A., M.A. (1982), Sheffield (Binfield, J.C.G.)
Education and improvement in 19th-century Derby: a study in pragmatism
Crane, M.A., M.A. (1982), Sheffield (Roach, J.P.C.)
'Back to nature', 'Back to the land' and the socialist revival in Britain, 1880- 1900
Gould. , P.C., M.Phil. (1982), Sheffield (Martin, D.E.)
A documentary and historical study of Roman routes in the N.E. Midlands and S
Hornshaw, S.P., M.Phil. (1982), Sheffield (Mosley, D.J.)
English primary education, 1930-80: the structure, process and change of its teachers' roles
Hubbard. , D.N., Ph.D. (1982), Sheffield (Armytage, W.H.G.)
The earls in Henry II's reign
Latimer. , P., Ph.D. (1982), Sheffield (King, E.J.)