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Anthony Eden as minister without portfolio for League of Nations affairs, June/December 1935: a case study in the foreign policy of the National Government.
Roberts, Arfona M., M.A. (1980), Sheffield (Carr, W.)
The miners' sphere of influence: an attempt to quantify electoral behaviour in mining areas between the wars.
Rossiter, D.J., Ph.D. (1980), Sheffield
Politics and government in Derbyshire, 1640-60.
Beats, Lynn N., Ph. D. (1979), Sheffield (Fisher, A.J.)
East End newspaper opinion and Jewish immigration, 1885-1905.
Bennett, J.J., M.Phil. (1979), Sheffield (Holmes, C.)
G. G. Coulton and Catholic popular historiography.
Bradburn, Carole A., M. A. (1979), Sheffield (Moore, R. E.)
Continuity and change: a comparative study of the Afro-Americans and the women's suffrage movement as minority groups in American society, 1900-29.
Burns, J.R., M.Phil. (1979), Sheffield (Thurlow, R.C.)
Slave women in British West Indian slave society, 1650-1832.
Bush, Barbara J., M.Phil. (1979), Sheffield (Holmes, C.)
Roman Catholic education and the state: a sociological analysis.
Glover, D., Ph. D. (1979), Sheffield (Kelsall, R.K.)
The Spanish economy after the loss of the last colonies: economic regenerationism.
Harrison, R.J., Ph. D. (1979), Sheffield (Holmes, C.)
Scientific and technical education in the 19th-century North-East: an appraisal of regional initiative and of the background to its achievement.
Klottrup, A.C., Ph.D. (1979), Sheffield (Roach, J.P.C.)
British policy towards Korea, 1882-1910.
Kwon, M.-S., Ph.D. (1979), Sheffield
Abelard's philosophy: an inquiry into the causes of Abelard's condemnation.
Le Page, J.-P., M.Phil. (1979), Sheffield (Luscombe, D.E.)
The contrasting patterns of school provision in three S. Yorkshire parishes, Ecclesfield, Rotherham and Sheffield, 1480-1833.
Mercer, V.M., M. A. (1979), Sheffield (Roach, J.P.C.)
The development of the Greek house and its integration into an urban complex.
Owens, E. J., Ph. D. (1979), Sheffield (Hopper, R. J.)
Some aspects of the role of the government in the industrial development of England, 1686-1720.
Saville, R.V., Ph. D. (1979), Sheffield (Bland, D.E.; Pollard, S.)
The development of nursery nursing and the changing role of the nursery nurse, 1870-1975.
Briggs, F., M.A. (1978), Sheffield
The Abbots Langley district of Hertfordshire: an economic and social history, 1760-1960.
Clark, C.W., M.A. (1978), Sheffield (Pollard, S.)
The origins and development of the Labour party in the Colne Valley, 1891-1907.
Clark, D.G., Ph.D. (1978), Sheffield (Pollard, S.)
Skilled workers, technology and social democracy in the United States, 1890-1917.
Dawson, A., Ph.D. (1978), Sheffield (Pollard, S.)
The life and work of Vere Gordon Childe.
Green, S.A., M.A. (1978), Sheffield