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An edition of the York Corporation house books, 1587-9.
Sutton, Deborah G., M. A. (1976), Sheffield (Fletcher, A.J.)
The commercial development of the Sheffield crucible steel industry.
Timmins, J.G., M.A. (1976), Sheffield (Crossley, D.W.)
The general rising of 1820: a study of social conflict in the Industrial Revolution.
Donnelly, F.K., Ph.D. (1975), Sheffield (Pollard, S.)
The development of history teaching in England for pupils aged 11-18 years, 1918-39.
Elliott, B.J., Ph.D. (1975), Sheffield (Batho, G.R.)
John Mitchel, Charles Gavan Duffy and the legacy of Young Ireland.
Leonard, D.W., Ph.D. (1975), Sheffield (Johnston, Edith M.)
A sociological analysis of Christian Socialism, 1840-54.
Levitas, R.A., Ph.D. (1975), Sheffield
The development of elementary education in the borough of Macclesfield, 1833-1918.
Pole, Nora L., M.A. (1975), Sheffield (Batho, G.R.)
Music in English education, 1833-1902.
Taylor, I., M.A. (1975), Sheffield (Armytage, W.H.G.; Deane, B.)
Development of reference and information services in British public libraries, 1850-1940.
Whittaker, K.A., M.A. (1975), Sheffield
Some aspects of educational development in Nyasaland/Malawi from its beginnings to 1974.
Whittaker, Phyllis H., Ph.D. (1975), Sheffield (Armytage, W.H.G.)
Housing and estate development, 1840-1918, with particular reference to the Pennine towns.
Gaskell, S.M., Ph.D. (1974), Sheffield (Pollard, S.)
The development and status of geology in secondary schools in England from 1902 to the present day.
Hamilton, Beryl M., M.Sc. (1974), Sheffield
The role of the public library in the development of technical education in Great Britain and Ireland during the 19th century.
Hunter, E.J., M.A. (1974), Sheffield
John Wesley and some Anglican evangelicals of the 18th century: a study in co-operation and separation, with special reference to the Calvinistic controversies.
Lawson, A.B., Ph.D. (1974), Sheffield (Haley, K.H.D.)
The life and work of Alexander Thomson.
McFadzean, W.R., Ph.D. (1974), Sheffield (Drought, A.B.)
The history of the Travis Charity and its schools in Hatfield and Thorne (Yorkshire) and Wroot (lincolnshire), 1710-1968.
Miller, E., M.A. (1974), Sheffield (Batho, G.R.)
The life and opinions of A.S. Leese: a study in extreme anti-semitism.
Morrell, J.E., M.A. (1974), Sheffield (Holmes, C.)
The Staffords, earls of Stafford and dukes of Birmingham, 1394-1521.
Rawcliffe, Carol, Ph. D. (1974), Sheffield (Jeffs, R.M.)
A study of the formative years of the development of history curriculum in English schools, 1833-1901.
Steele, I.J.D., Ph.D. (1974), Sheffield (Batho, G.R.)
The labour movement and the international crisis, 1933-7.
Baker, A.J., M.A. (1973), Sheffield (Carr, W.)