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John Taylor the Water Poet, authorship and print, 1612-31.
Wikeley, Clare E., Ph.D. (2009), Southampton
British television, 1925-36: attitudes and expectations.
Aldridge, Mark P.A., Ph.D. (2008), Southampton
The medieval Nile: route, navigation and landscape in Islamic Egypt.
Cooper, John P., Ph.D. (2008), Southampton
Eating into Jewishness: food and Jewish identities in Britain 1955-2005.
Gerson, Jane, Ph.D. (2008), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
Jews in the metropolis: urban Jewish cultures in London, Berlin and Paris, c.1880-1940.
Metzler, Tobias, Ph.D. (2008), Southampton (Schloer, Joachim)
Mortality and life expectancy: Winchester College and the New College, Oxford c.1393-c.1540.
Oakes, Rebecca, Ph.D. (2008), Southampton (Hicks, Michael A.; Beaumont James, Tom)
Winchester probate inventories, 1540-75.
Parker, Karen, Ph.D. (2008), Southampton (James, Thomas B.; Hicks, Michael A.)
Sir Henry Lee (1533-1611): the life and career of an Elizabethan courtier gentleman.
Simpson, Susan, Ph.D. (2008), Southampton (Bernard, G.W.)
From persecution to mass migration: the "alien" in popular print and society, 1881-1906.
Smart, Greg, Ph.D. (2008), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
"In quiet remembrance?" The Allied air war and urban memory cultures, 1940-95 - Kassel and Magdeburg in comparative perspective.
Arnold, Joerg, Ph.D. (2007), Southampton
The Book of Sports and the politics of sabbatarianism in Tudor and Stuart England.
Dougall, Alistair R., Ph.D. (2007), Southampton
Satisfying the demands of the new Victorian middle class in a county town: the suburban development of Winchester, 1871-1903.
Grover, Christine, Ph.D. (2007), Southampton
William Fitzwilliam, earl of Southampton, 1490-1542: a thematic study.
Helps, Ian G., Ph.D. (2007), Southampton
The politics of honour in Restoration theatre: moments of crisis, 1660-88.
Huntley, Marjorie Ford, Ph.D. (2007), Southampton
War crimes trials between occupation and integration: the prosecution of Nazi war criminals in the British zone of Germany.
Sharman, Claire L., Ph.D. (2007), Southampton (Gregor, Neil)
The forgotten Holocaust? Post-war representations of the non-Jewish victims in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
Starmes, Hazel F., Ph.D. (2007), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
The concept of 'port' and 'outport' re-examined: the Medina estuary, Isle of Wight, as a case study, 1650-2000.
Wood, Phillip G., Ph.D. (2007), Southampton
Britain and the Holocaust, then and now.
Bunting, Aimee, Ph.D. (2006), Southampton
The Essex rebellion, 1601: subversion or supplication?
Dickinson, Janet E., Ph.D. (2006), Southampton
Dying for the Fatherland: the remembrance of fallen German-Jewish World War I soldiers, 1914-70.
Grady, Timothy L., Ph.D. (2006), Southampton