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Nearly the New World: refugees and the British West Indies, 1933-45.
Newman, Joanna F., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
Nearly the New World: refugees and the British West Indies, 1933-48.
Newman-Westphal, Joanna F., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
Britain, the Balkans and the politics of the wartime alliance: great power collaboration and the pre-percentages agreement of May 1944.
Scrase, Gavin M., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Williams, Heather)
The 15th-century stewards' books of Southampton.
Thick, Anne, Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (James, Thomas B.; Platt, Colin P.S.)
Patterns of re-use: the transformation of monastic buildings in post-Dissolution Hertfordshire, 1540-1600.
Doggett, Nicholas D.B., Ph.D. (1997), Southampton (Platt, Colin P.S.)
'Keeping her in the family': women and gender in Southampton, c.1400-c.1600.
Jones, Sian E., Ph.D. (1997), Southampton (Golding, Brian J.)
The little-known traveller in Greece, 1600-1900: unpublished diaries, correspondence and other materials in British record offices.
Palmer, Brenda M., M.Phil. (1997), Southampton (Platt, Colin P.S.)
The workings of political patronage, 1807-65: case studies of the 1st duke of Wellington and the 3rd Viscount Palmerston.
Robson, Karen Ward, M.Phil. (1997), Southampton
The problem of boy labour and 'blind alley' occupations within the context of the labour markets of Brighton and Portsmouth, 1870-1939.
Bowden, Roy E., Ph.D. (1996), Southampton (Rule, John G.)
The development of Blue Streak [ballistic missile system]: an analysis of the role of ideas in British nuclear weapon procurement policy.
Cole, Benjamin C., Ph.D. (1996), Southampton
Small medieval towns, with special reference to Whitchurch, c.1250-1400.
Deveson, Alison M., Ph.D. (1996), Southampton (Golding, Brian J.)
The ultimate engine: the British army and popular radicalism, 1815-50.
Miller, Michael, M.Phil. (1996), Southampton (Behagg, Clive; Foster, Andrew W.)
The construction of patriotic sentiment in the 16th-century Low Countries: cartography, Calvinism and rebel propaganda.
Regan, Paul J., Ph.D. (1996), Southampton (Duke, Alistair C.)
Medieval legal records as sources for modern historians: coroners and their records in Hampshire and Wiltshire, 1327-99.
Smith, Caroline L., Ph.D. (1996), Southampton (Golding, Brian J.)
The role of Jewish women in national Jewish philanthropic organizations in Britain, 1880-1945.
Taylor, Susannah M., Ph.D. (1996), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
The Conservative party during the era of appeasement, with special reference to the constituency level and the persecution of the Jews.
Crowson, Nicholas J., Ph.D. (1995), Southampton (Alexander, M.S.)
The liberation of Bergen-Belsen.
Reilly, Joanne, Ph.D (1995), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
Agrarian structures in the valley of Aro from the late 14th to the 18th century.
Sanz Alguacil, Antonio, Ph.D. (1995), Southampton (Golding, B.J.)
Together in separation: whites, blacks and Mexicans in Austin, 1917-26.
McDonald, Jason J., Ph.D. (1994), Southampton (Oldfield, J.R.)
English Catholics, English Catholicism and the papacy, 1950-82.
Saxby, Ian P., M.Phil. (1994), Southampton (Pugh, R.K.; Richardson, R.C.)