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Anc. Hist

Cavalry in Roman field-armies during the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries A.D.
Wass, Richard G., Ph.D. (2000), St. Andrews (Coulston, Jonathan C.N.)
Women in myth and ritual.
Thompson, Heather Ann, Ph.D. (1999), St. Andrews (Smith, Christopher J.)
Communities of the Blessed: the origins and development of regional churches in northern Italy, c.250-381.
Humphries, Mark, Ph.D. (1996), St. Andrews (Harries, Jill D.)
Literary and linguistic studies in the Epitome historion of John Zonaras.
Grigoriadis, Jordan, Ph.D. (1995), St. Andrews (Whitby, L. Michael; Magdalino, Paul)
Episcopal authority in late antiquity.
Pollett, Shawn, Ph.D. (1995), St. Andrews (Harries, Jill D.)
Late Roman military treatises.
Rance, Philip, Ph.D. (1994), St. Andrews (Whitby, L.M.)
Local administration in Egypt under Roman rule, 4th - 6th centuries A.D.: the element of corruption.
Macnaughten, A. Hugh, Ph.D. (1993), St. Andrews (Harries, Jill D.)
Imperial imagery in the reign of Heraclius.
Pritchard, David, Ph.D. (1993), St. Andrews (Whitby, L.M.)
Local defence on the N.E. Roman frontier.
Fahey, William, M.Phil. (1992), St. Andrews (Whitby, L.M.)
Like scales from their eyes: visionary experience in western Europe from Augustine to the 8th century.
Moreira, Isabel A.M.C., Ph.D. (1992), St. Andrews (Harries, Jill D.)