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Scot. Hist

Sir David Lindsay of the Mount: political and religious culture in Renaissance Scotland.
Edington, Carol, Ph.D. (1992), St. Andrews (Mason, R.A.)
The situation of women in 17th-century Fife, as illustrated by the records of the church courts.
Belof, Margaret M., M.Phil. (1991), St. Andrews (Smout, T.C.; Houston, R.A.)
Crown-magnate relations in the personal rule of James I of Scotland, 1424-37.
Brown, Michael H., Ph.D. (1991), St. Andrews (Macdougall, N.A.T.)
Heart-work: emotion, empowerment and authority in Covenanting times.
Yeoman, Louise A., Ph.D. (1991), St. Andrews (Smout, T.C.)