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Landscapes of Perception: Reclaiming the Athabasca Oil Sands and the Sydney Tar Ponds.
Dance, Anne, Ph.D (2013), Stirling (Mills, Catherine J.; Nicolson, Colin)
Landscapes of perception: reclaiming the Athabasca Oil Sands and the Sydney Tar Ponds
Dance, Anne T., Ph.D. (2013), Stirling (Mills, Catherine J.; Nicolson, Colin)
Gladstone, religion, politics and America: perceptions in the press, 1868-1900.
Peterson, Stephen, Ph.D. (2013), Stirling (Bebbington, David W.; Macleod, Emma Vincent)
Maximilian I: a Habsburg on Montezuma's throne.
Schwenk, Tina, Ph.D. (2011), Stirling (Rapport, Michael G.; Macleod, Emma Vincent)
The loyalist regiments of the American Revolution.
Salmon, Stuart, Ph.D. (2010), Stirling (Nicolson, Colin; Macleod, Emma Vincent)
The Polish Country Section of the Special Operations Executive, 1940-6: a British perspective.
Bines, Jeffrey, Ph.D. (2009), Stirling (Stachura, Peter D.; McKean, Robert B.)
The royal court and household of Scotland, 1329-1437.
Scott, Nicola Rankin, Ph.D. (2009), Stirling (Penman, Michael A.; Oram, Richard D.)
Social and ecological causes of extinction in great bustard and capercaillie in Britain.
Stevenson, Gilbert B., Ph.D. (2009), Stirling (Oram, Richard D.; Gilvear, David)
John Erskine, 1721-1803: dissemination of enlightened evangelical criticism.
Yeager, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2009), Stirling (Bebbington, David W.; Macleod, Emma Vincent)
Polish-Jewish relations during the rebirth of Poland, November 1918-June 28, 1919.
Kaufman, David B., Ph.D. (2007), Stirling
The Anglican prayer book controversy of 1927-28 and national religion.
Maiden, John, Ph.D. (2007), Stirling
The Balliol dynasty of Scotland, c.1250-1364.
Beam, Amanda, Ph.D. (2006), Stirling
John Kenrick and the transformation of Unitarian thought.
Kennedy, Alison W.T., Ph.D. (2006), Stirling
Britain's crisis of confidence: how Whitehall planned Britain's retreat from the extra-European world, 1959-68.
Christie, Ross, Ph.D. (2005), Stirling (Peden, George C.; McKean, Robert B.)
A place at the table: George Eldon Ladd and the rehabilitation of Evangelical scholarship in America.
D'Elia, John A., Ph.D. (2005), Stirling (Bebbington, David W.; Nicolson, Colin C.)
God's forever family: the Jesus People movement in America, 1966-77.
Eskridge, Larry K., Ph.D. (2005), Stirling
Family and politics in Scotland, 1578-1596: with particular reference to the Master of Glamis.
Lyon, Michael J., Ph.D. (2005), Stirling (Dingwall, Helen M.; Peden, George C.)
The last Edwardsean: Edwards Amasa Park and the rhetoric of improved Calvinism.
Phillips, Charles W., Ph.D. (2005), Stirling (Bebbington, David W.; Nicolson, Colin C.)
Historical resource use and ecological change in semi-natural woodland: Western Oakwoods in Argyll, Scotland.
Sansum, Philip, Ph.D. (2005), Stirling (Tipping, Richard; Watson, Fiona J.)
Holiness and the Salvation Army, 1880-1930.
Casey, John, M.Litt (2003), Stirling (Bebbington, David W.)