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The German Communist party in Saxony 1924-33: factionalism, fratricide and political failure.
Laporte, Norman H., Ph.D. (1998), Stirling (Peden, George C.; Murdoch, Brian O.)
John Spottiswoode, Jacobean archbishop and statesman
Pearce, A.S. Wayne, Ph.D. (1998), Stirling (Brown, Keith M.; Bebbington, David W.)
Palm oil and power: women in an era of economic and social transition in 19th-century Yorubaland, south-western Nigeria.
Shields, Francine, Ph.D. (1998), Stirling (Law, Robin C.C.; McCracken, K. John)
Women in the churches of 19th-century Stirling.
Jeffrey, Linda, M.Litt. (1997), Stirling (Bebbington, David W.)
Friends of religious equality: the politics of English nonconformists, 1847-67.
Larsen, Timothy, Ph.D. (1997), Stirling (Bebbington, David W.)
The book trade and public policy in early modern Scotland, c.1500-c.1720.
Mann, Alastair J., Ph.D. (1997), Stirling (Brown, Keith M.; Hutchison, Iain G.C.)
Pens and paradigms: the origins of Covenanting thought and resistance, 1580-1638.
Wells, Vaughan T., Ph.D. (1997), Stirling (Brown, Keith M.; Bebbington, David W.)
The development of mountaineering in Meiji Japan: from the arrival of western influences to the formation of the Japanese Alpine Club.
Hamilton, Valerie R., M.Litt. (1996), Stirling
The making of a woman's town: household and gender in Dundee, 1890-1940.
Smith, Graham R., Ph.D. (1996), Stirling (Peden, George C.)
Sir James Maitland and Howietoun fishery.
Hill, Stephen, Ph.D. (1995), Stirling (Peden, G.C.; Tranter, N.L.)
British forces and Irish freedom: Anglo-Irish defence relations, 1922-31.
Linge, John R., Ph.D. (1995), Stirling (Peden, G.C.; Hutchison, I.G.C.)
Badagry, 1784-1863: the political and commercial history of a pre-colonial lagoonside community in S.W. Nigeria.
Sorensen-Gilmour, Caroline A., Ph.D. (1995), Stirling (Law, R.C.C.)
The mission of the churches to the Irish in Dundee, 1846-86.
Quinn, John, M.Litt. (1994), Stirling (Bebbington, D.W.)
D.D. Home and the spiritualist movement in 19th-century Britain.
Halliday, Ronald N.F., M.Litt. (1993), Stirling (Bebbington, D.W.)
The origins, emergence and development of `ragged schools' in Scotland in the 19th century.
Gavin, Alison, M.Ed. (1992), Stirling
British cemetery companies, 1820-55.
Rugg, Julie J., Ph.D. (1992), Stirling (Bebbington, D.W.)
The newspaper press in the town of Reading, 1855-1990
Watts, A.T., Ph.D. (1990), Stirling
The Tay salmon fisheries in the 19th century
Robertson. , I.A., Ph.D. (1989), Stirling (Chitnis, A.C.; Tranter, N.L.)
The assimilation of Highland migrants in Glasgow in the 19th century
Mitchell, Joan, Ph.D. (1988), Stirling (Tranter, N.L.)
The history of scientific publishing.
Tatner, M.F., M.Litt. (1988), Stirling