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The history of hydro-electric power in S.W. Scotland, 1880-1940
Hill, G.W., M.Litt. (1983), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
An economic history of the Scottish electricity supply industry, 1878-c.1930
Logan, J.C., Ph.D. (1983), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
The life and music of Sir Arthur Bliss: a catalogue and commentary
Craggs, S.R., Ph.D. (1982), Strathclyde
The York Buildings Company: a case study in 18th-century corporation mismanagement
Cummings. , A.J.G., Ph.D. (1982), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
Kirk, state and the Catholic problem in the western Highlands and Islands of Scotland, 1690-1760
McHugh. , Mary, M.Litt. (1982), Strathclyde (Devine, T.M.)
The development of libraries in colleges of education in Scotland, 1837-1981
Nicoll, M.M., M.A. (1982), Strathclyde
Scottish trade with Ireland in the 18th century
Cochran, Laura E., Ph.D. (1981), Strathclyde (Campbell, R.H.)
A history of public libraries in Bolton from the beginnings to 1974
Dunne, T.H., Ph.D. (1981), Strathclyde
The origins and early history of the Boys' Brigade
Fraser, B.M., Ph.D. (1981), Strathclyde
The Irish question and the emergence and development of the Labour party, 1900- 24
Tobin, M., M.Sc. (1981), Strathclyde
Strcuture of education in Renfrewshire, 1830-72.
Nishat, Samina S., M.Litt. (1980), Strathclyde (Devine, T.M.; Fraser, W.H.)
Highland deer forests, 1850-1914: the decline of livestock industries, the development of deer forests and the social and economic effects of the change.
Orr, W., M.Litt. (1980), Strathclyde (Devine, T.M.)
The development of the labour movement in Ayrshire, 1914-26.
Trevis, Ann M., M.Litt. (1980), Strathclyde (Ward, J.T.)
Robert Napier: entrepreneur and contractor to the Admiralty.
Kennison, G.J., M.Litt. (1979), Strathclyde
The economic and social history of the Scottish coal industry, 1925-39, with particular reference to industrial relations.
Long, P.B., Ph.D. (1979), Strathclyde (Fraser, W.H.)
Post-World War II housing design and development in Great Britain.
Vlahostergios, J.E., M.Sc. (1979), Strathclyde
The port of Peterhead to 1900.
Buchan, A.R., M. Litt. (1978), Strathclyde (Butt, J.; Duckham, B.F.)
The morphological, social and functional development of the Royal Burgh of Stirling, 1124-1881.
Fox, R.C., Ph. D. (1978), Strathclyde
The role of the trades council in the political and industrial life of Glasgow, 1858-1976.
Liddell, P.H., M.Sc. (1978), Strathclyde
The economic and social development of the Easdale slate quarries, 1745-1914.
Macdonald, Margaret, M.Litt. (1978), Strathclyde (Devine, T.M.)