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Attitudes on Clydeside to the Russian Revolution, 1917-24.
Nassibian, A., M.Litt. (1978), Strathclyde
'But the people's creatures': political thoughts in the first phase of the English Revolution, 1642-9.
Sanderson, J., Ph. D. (1978), Strathclyde
The Western Bank and the crisis of 1857.
Whitehead, Margaret A., M.litt. (1978), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
Working-class housing in Glasgow between the wars, 1919-39.
McKee, J.J., M.Litt. (1977), Strathclyde (Butt, J.; Treble, J.H.)
The Scottish gas industry up to 1914.
Cotterill, M.S., Ph.D. (1976), Strathclyde (Butt, J.; Hume, J.R.)
The development of public libraries in Angus, 1870-1975.
Craven, N., M.A. (1976), Strathclyde
The development of the Scottish brewing industry, 1750-1914.
Donnachie, I., Ph.D. (1976), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
The development of the coal industry in Mid and W. Lothian, 1815-73.
Hassan, J.A., Ph.D. (1976), Strathclyde (Duckham, B.F.)
The Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, 1868-1918.
Kinloch, J.A., Ph.D. (1976), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
Cholera and its influence on the public health movement in Glasgow, 1832-1848/9.
Knox, G.S., M.Litt. (1976), Strathclyde (Treble, J.H.)
A social history of the Scottish handloom weavers, 1790-1850.
Murray, N., Ph.D. (1976), Strathclyde (Treble, J.H.)
The cotton spinners in Glasgow and the west of Scotland, c.1790-1840: a study in early industrial relations.
Brassay, Z.G., M.Litt. (1975), Strathclyde (Ward, J.T.)
The dissemination of information in Scotland, 1500-1750.
Bulloch, J.P., M. A. (1975), Strathclyde
The history and development of the library services of Galashiels and Selkirkshire, including the social and economic factors influencing that development.
Carter, A., M.A. (1975), Strathclyde
L:ibrary provision in the University of Liverpool, 1881-1938: the origins, growth and establishment of a decentralized library system.
Hall, Audrey W., M.A. (1975), Strathclyde
Scottish investment in Canada, 1870-1914: some aspects of real estate financing with imported funds.
Holcombe, P.D., M.Litt. (1975), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
The library of Lord George Douglas (c.1667/8-1693?).
Kelly, W.A., M. A. (1975), Strathclyde
Aspects of Scottish economic policy, 1660-1707.
McFaulds, J., M. Litt. (1975), Strathclyde (Lythe, S.G.E.)
The industrial archaeology of Fife, 1790-1914.
Stephen, W.M., Ph.D. (1975), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
The process of industrialization in Ayrshire, c.1707-1871.
Whatley, C.A., Ph.D. (1975), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)