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Hist. of Art

The politics of partnership: Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, 1912-61.
Clarke, Darren, D.Phil. (2013), Sussex (Mellor, David; Clarke, Meaghan E.)
The world on a plate: the impact of photography on travel imagery and its dissemination in Britain, 1839-88.
Mullins, Charlotte, D.Phil. (2013), Sussex (Quilley, Geoffrey)
A forest of masts: the image of the River Thames in the 18th century.
Snell, Geoffrey, D.Phil. (2013), Sussex (Quilley, Geoffrey)
'Archi-texts' for contemplation in 6th-century Byzantium: the case of the church of Hagia Sophia, Constantinople.
Gavril, Iulana-Elena, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (James, E.A.; O'Malley, M.)
Images of 'exotic' animals in early modern Italian court art.
Groom, Angelica, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (James, Elizabeth A.; Llewellyn, Nigel G.)
Books in art: the symbolic meaning and significance of images of books in Italian religious painting, 1250-1400.
McGrath, Anthony, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (James, E.A.; O'Malley, M.)
The Byzantine artist between 306 and 730.
Raynor, Rebecca, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (James, Elizabeth A.)
Strategies for celebration: staging the ideal city in London and Paris, 1660-1715.
Tierney, Elaine, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (McShane, Angela; Llewellyn, Nigel)
The art of personification in late antique silver, 3rd to 6th century A.D.
Watson, Wendy, D.Phil. (2012), Sussex (Clarke, Meaghan E.; James, Elizabeth A.)
Collectors and collecting in England, 1600-'c'.1660.
Bracken, Susan, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Howard, Maurice; Dennis, Flora)
The state apartment in the early Stuart country house, 1603-25.
Cole, Emily, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Howard, Maurice; Dennis, Flora)
Knole: an architectural and social history of the archbishop of Canterbury's house, 1456-1535.
Gregory, Alden, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Howard, Maurice; O'Malley, M.)
A house 're-edified': Thomas Sackville and the transformation of Knole, 1605-8
Town, Edward, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Howard, Maurice; O'Malley, M.)
The private amusements of the aristocracy in 18th-century London.
Doderer-Winkler, Melanie, D.Phil. (2009), Sussex (Llewellyn, Nigel G.)
Views from the ivory tower: 19th-century responses to the late antique and Byzantine ivories within the Liverpool ivory collection.
Rufus-Ward, Helen C., D.Phil. (2009), Sussex (James, Elizabeth A.; Clarke, Meaghan E.)
Silver manufacture in London c.1680-c.1750: technique and innovation.
Le Rossignol, Peter, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex (Llewellyn, Nigel G.; James, Elizabeth A.)
Colonial identities and visual culture: representations of the British in India, c.1785-1845.
de Silva, Prasannajit W.S., D.Phil. (2007), Sussex
Funerary monuments of Ireland, 1560-1660 A.D.
Harris, Amy L., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Material culture, shopkeepers and artisans in 16th-century Siena.
Hohti, Paula S., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Unbound possessions: the circulation of used goods in Florence, c.1450-1600.
Matchette, Elizabeth A., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex