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The intellectual reconstruction in the early years of the Federal Republic: Adorno and his contemporaries.
Kuo, Cheng-Lun, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex
Objects of evidence: colonial encounters through material culture from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands at Brighton Museum, 1858-1949.
Wintle, Claire, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex
The Victorian sublime': nationality and aesthetics in British culture.
Mitchard, Miles H., D.Phil. (2009), Sussex
Class, gender and education in the 20th century: an exploration of education life histories of correspondents to the Mass Observation Archive.
Cairns, Teresa M., D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
Presenting the Pre-Raphaelites: Pre-Raphaelite art in the broadcast and print media, 1942-97.
Johnson, Chloe, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
The staging of slavery in London's theatres, 1768-1865.
Kanakamedala, Prathibha, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
The Geneva Bible and the devotional reading and writing of early modern women.
Molekamp, Femke, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
King Charles II's Winchester Palace, 1683-5.
Steele, Sandra R., D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
The First World War and voluntary recruitment: a forum for regional identity? An analysis of the nature, expression and significance of regional identity in Hull, 1900-16.
Townsley, Helen, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
The sportswoman in fiction and in fact: able-bodied womanhood in Victorian literature.
Huang, Jin-ya, D.Phil. (2007), Sussex
The crown and the jewel: images of royalty and viceroyalty in the making of imperial India and Britain.
Anderson, Tracy J., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
'Never before of any man seene or knowen'? Sixteenth-century French experience and concept of the New World.
Edwards, Joanne R., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Continuity and change in an English rural settlement: Porchester, c.1500-c.1750.
McInnes, James, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Sir Laurence Dudley Stamp (1898-1966), geographer and public servant: a critical biography.
Pilfold, William E., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Finding a place: librarians, local history and the search for professional and social status, 1890-1925.
Smith, Nicola L., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
The social and economic impact of railway development on the coastal plain communities of Sussex during the 19th century.
Wakeford, Anthony, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Regime changes, public memory and the pursuit of justice: the case of German-speaking Jews in Bukovina, 1920-60.
Weber, Petru, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
It's time for women of the 1950s to stand up and be counted.
Freeguard, Joyce, D.Phil. (2005), Sussex (Thane, Patricia M.)
Building American entrepreneurs: male commercial selves and the road to success in the U.S., 1873-1914.
Kjellander, Björn K.I., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex
Exile, identity and memory: representations of Spanish republicans in the south-west of France.
Soo, Gregory S., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex (Kedward, H. Roderick)