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Medicine, medical reform and the Puritan revolution.
Elmer, P.W., Ph. D. (1980), Swansea (Clark, D.S.T.)
Political prophecy in Tudor England.
Etheridge, D.T., Ph. D. (1979), Swansea (Anglo, S.)
Cultural contacts between Spain and Celtic Britain during the middle ages.
Hewitt, M.D., M. A. (1979), Swansea
Fish in English Economy and society down to he Reformation.
Litter, Alison S., Ph. D. (1979), Swansea (Lloyd, T.H.)
The Turkmens in the age of imperialism: a study of the Turkmen people and their incorporation into the Russian empire.
Saray, M., Ph. D. (1978), Swansea
Medieval and 16th-century field systmems in Surrey.
Thomas, Barbara A., Ph. D. (1977), Swansea (Cousens, S.H.)
The role of English war captains in England and Normandy, 1436-61.
Marshall, Anne E. M., M. A. (1974), Swansea (Griffiths, R.A.)
Social and religious development in upland Glamorgan during the late medieval and Reformation period.
Prichard, T.J., M. A. (1973), Swansea (Williams, G.)
The political career, estates and 'connection' of jasper Tudor, earl of Pembroke and duke of Bedford (d. 1495).
Thomas, R.S., Ph. D. (1971), Swansea (Griffiths, R.A.)
'Enough in my heart to know all my thoughts': the letter writing of unmarried women, 1575-1802.
Guy, Chloe, Ph.D. (1970), Swansea (Spurr, John)
People of power? Swansea shipowners, 1824-85.
Haines, Richard W., Ph.D. (1970), Swansea (Jenkins, David; Miskell, Louise)
The experiences of women in Vienna, 1944-8.
Steele, Helen, Ph.D. (1970), Swansea
Wales and militancy, 1952-70.
Thomas, A. Wyn, Ph.D. (1970), Swansea (Johnes, Martin O.)