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Englishness in England and the ‘Near Diaspora’: Organisation, Influence and Expression, 1880s-1970s"
Robinson, Lesley, Ph.D. (2014), Ulster (MacRaild, Donald; Loughlin, James)
A historical analysis of the Nation of Islam, 1930-2008.
Gibson, Dawn-Marie, Ph.D. (2010), Ulster (Kirby, Dianne; Emmerson, T.)
Irish socialist republicanism, 1909-36.
Grant, Adrian, Ph.D. (2010), Ulster (O'Connor, E.; Alston, C.)
Medicine and publishing in early 19th century Ireland: production and consumption, 1801-58.
Lake, Elizabeth M., Ph.D. (2010), Ulster
Cost of conflict, price of peace - assessing conflict transformation through social and economic development: Northern Ireland and the Border Counties as a case study.
Buchanan, Sandra, Ph.D. (2009), Ulster (Ryan, Stephen)
Cultural identity and meaning in Irish 'heritage' architecture: big houses of the Norman revival.
McGarry, Marion, Ph.D. (2009), Ulster
Landlordism, poverty, famine and emigration in North Sligo (barony of Carbury) in the early 19th century.
McGovern, John, Ph.D. (2009), Ulster (O'Brien, G.; Loughlin, J.)
The political and military career of Murrough O'Brien, 6th baron and later 1st earl of Inchiquin, 1614-50, with specific reference to the Confederate Wars period.
O'Doherty, Leon, Ph.D. (2009), Ulster (O'Brien, G.; Kelly, William)
Scottish commercial and political networks in Ulster during the reigns of King William III and Queen Anne, 1688-1714.
Sherry, John, Ph.D. (2009), Ulster (Kelly, W.; O'Brien, G.)
Myths and rituals: unionist governance in the 1950s.
Barnes, Carol-Ann, Ph.D. (2008), Ulster
The transition from conflict to post-conflict: the role of the democratic peace in the policies of presidents Clinton and Bush in Bosnia and Afghanistan.
Hill, Matthew, Ph.D. (2008), Ulster (Sharp, A.; Roberts, D.; Murray, L.)
'Suffer the little children': childhood tuberculosis in the north of Ireland, c.1865-1965.
Kelly, Susan, Ph.D. (2008), Ulster (Jones, Greta; Blackstock, A.)
Winning the peace in Northern Ireland: political parties and the implementation of the 1998 agreement.
Mitchell, David, Ph.D. (2008), Ulster (Arthur, P.; O'Connor, E.)
Empire of the imagination: Victorian popular fiction and the occult, 1880-1910.
O'Byrne, T.K., Ph.D. (2008), Ulster
Gibraltar: attempts to solve an international problem, 1963-2002.
Archibald, Gary, Ph.D. (2006), Ulster
A historical analysis of the influences of Calvinism and Presbyterianism on the formation and evolution of Ulster Scots ethnic identity: an ethno-religious case study.
Holden, Lawrence, Ph.D. (2006), Ulster
The amalgamated society of railway servants and the National Union of railwaymen in Ireland, 1911-1923.
McCabe, Conor, Ph.D. (2006), Ulster
Official Irish Republicanism, 1962-72.
Swan, Sean, Ph.D. (2006), Ulster
Mapping Unionism: a comparative study of the evolution of Ulster Unionism since the 1960s.
Boucher, Joan, Ph.D. (2005), Ulster
Logistics and counter-insurgency: procurement, supply and communications in the Irish war of independence, 1919-21.
Kautt, William H., Ph.D. (2005), Ulster (Jeffery, Keith)