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The commemoration of the Great War in Belfast, Ulster and Northern Ireland, 1918-39.
Manson, Christopher J., Ph.D. (2005), Ulster (Blackstock, Allan)
Prostitutes, fallen women and friendless girls: policing female sexual morality in Northern Ireland, 1900-45.
McCormick, Leanne V., Ph.D. (2005), Ulster (Jones, Greta)
Michael Logue, the Catholic Church and public affairs in Northern Ireland, 1879-1924.
Privilege, John, Ph.D. (2005), Ulster (Jeffery, Keith J.)
Unionists and Great War commemoration in the north of Ireland, 1914-39: people, places and politics.
Switzer, Catherine L., Ph.D. (2005), Ulster
Thomas William Rolleston (1857-1920): 'an educated Englishman who thinks he is an Irishman'.
O'Brien, Maria, Ph.D. (2003), Ulster (Loughlin, James P.)
Britain and the Rhodesian crisis, 1964-5, with special reference to South Africa and the United States.
Robinson, Alice, M.Phil. (2003), Ulster (Murray, C.D.; Fraser, T.G.)
The early political career of Sir James Craig, 1903-14.
Daly, Terence, Ph.D. (2002), Ulster (Jeffrey, Keith J.)
'To begin the world anew': Arthur Dobbs (1689-1765), political economy and patronage.
McKay, Joanne, M.Phil. (2002), Ulster (Ickringill, Stephen J.S.)
Captive city, captive audience: the Kefauver hearings and representations of the Hollywood gangster.
Young, Nerys, Ph.D. (2002), Ulster (McCracken, Kathleen)
The Fenian movement in Scotland, 1858-1916.
O'Cathain, Mairtin, D.Phil. (2001), Ulster
Clerical Presbyterianism in England, with special reference to London, c.1640-9.
Mattison, Ruth, M.Phil. (2000), Ulster (Lindley, Keith J.)
'Thistles in the cornpatch': cultural identity in Southern Appalachia, 1889-1972.
McKee, Matthew, D.Phil. (1999), Ulster (Riches, William T.M.)
The Anglo-American defence relationship during the Kennedy presidency.
Murray, C.D., D.Phil. (1997), Ulster
The courts, crime and the criminal law in Ireland, 1692-1760.
Garnham, Neal, D.Phil. (1995), Ulster
The Nationalist party in Northern Ireland, 1945-72.
Lynn, Brendan, D.Phil. (1995), Ulster
Women and work in Northern Ireland, 1920-50.
Morrow, Alison J., D.Phil. (1995), Ulster
People, work, space and social structure in Edwardian Derry, 1901-11.
Gallaghan, Walter G., D.Phil. (1994), Ulster (O'Brien, M. Gerard R.; Fraser, Thomas G.)
The landlord-planned nexus at Strokestown, county Roscommon: a case study of an Irish estate town, c.1660-c.1925.
Hood, Susan E., D.Phil. (1994), Ulster
The re-education of the adult population of Württemberg-Baden, 1945-9.
Welsh-Rush, Margaret M., D.Phil. (1994), Ulster
Government and the administration of hospital services in Northern Ireland, 1948-73: the Northern Ireland Hospital Authority.
Gray, Ann M., D.Phil. (1993), Ulster