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The political and military career of Murrough O'Brien, 6th baron and later 1st earl of Inchiquin, 1614-50, with specific reference to the Confederate Wars period.
O'Doherty, Leon, Ph.D. (2009), Ulster (O'Brien, G.; Kelly, William)
Scottish commercial and political networks in Ulster during the reigns of King William III and Queen Anne, 1688-1714.
Sherry, John, Ph.D. (2009), Ulster (Kelly, W.; O'Brien, G.)
Myths and rituals: unionist governance in the 1950s.
Barnes, Carol-Ann, Ph.D. (2008), Ulster
The transition from conflict to post-conflict: the role of the democratic peace in the policies of presidents Clinton and Bush in Bosnia and Afghanistan.
Hill, Matthew, Ph.D. (2008), Ulster (Sharp, A.; Roberts, D.; Murray, L.)
'Suffer the little children': childhood tuberculosis in the north of Ireland, c.1865-1965.
Kelly, Susan, Ph.D. (2008), Ulster (Jones, Greta; Blackstock, A.)
Winning the peace in Northern Ireland: political parties and the implementation of the 1998 agreement.
Mitchell, David, Ph.D. (2008), Ulster (Arthur, P.; O'Connor, E.)
Empire of the imagination: Victorian popular fiction and the occult, 1880-1910.
O'Byrne, T.K., Ph.D. (2008), Ulster
Gibraltar: attempts to solve an international problem, 1963-2002.
Archibald, Gary, Ph.D. (2006), Ulster
A historical analysis of the influences of Calvinism and Presbyterianism on the formation and evolution of Ulster Scots ethnic identity: an ethno-religious case study.
Holden, Lawrence, Ph.D. (2006), Ulster
The amalgamated society of railway servants and the National Union of railwaymen in Ireland, 1911-1923.
McCabe, Conor, Ph.D. (2006), Ulster
Official Irish Republicanism, 1962-72.
Swan, Sean, Ph.D. (2006), Ulster
Mapping Unionism: a comparative study of the evolution of Ulster Unionism since the 1960s.
Boucher, Joan, Ph.D. (2005), Ulster
Logistics and counter-insurgency: procurement, supply and communications in the Irish war of independence, 1919-21.
Kautt, William H., Ph.D. (2005), Ulster (Jeffery, Keith)
The commemoration of the Great War in Belfast, Ulster and Northern Ireland, 1918-39.
Manson, Christopher J., Ph.D. (2005), Ulster (Blackstock, Allan)
Prostitutes, fallen women and friendless girls: policing female sexual morality in Northern Ireland, 1900-45.
McCormick, Leanne V., Ph.D. (2005), Ulster (Jones, Greta)
Michael Logue, the Catholic Church and public affairs in Northern Ireland, 1879-1924.
Privilege, John, Ph.D. (2005), Ulster (Jeffery, Keith J.)
Unionists and Great War commemoration in the north of Ireland, 1914-39: people, places and politics.
Switzer, Catherine L., Ph.D. (2005), Ulster
Thomas William Rolleston (1857-1920): 'an educated Englishman who thinks he is an Irishman'.
O'Brien, Maria, Ph.D. (2003), Ulster (Loughlin, James P.)
Britain and the Rhodesian crisis, 1964-5, with special reference to South Africa and the United States.
Robinson, Alice, M.Phil. (2003), Ulster (Murray, C.D.; Fraser, T.G.)
The early political career of Sir James Craig, 1903-14.
Daly, Terence, Ph.D. (2002), Ulster (Jeffrey, Keith J.)