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The British Labour party, British politics and Ireland, 1886-1924.
McCarrick, Billy, D.Phil. (1992), Ulster
Socialist theory and Labour politics in Belfast, 1920-39.
Craig, Colin W., D.Phil. (1991), Ulster (Lemon, M.C.; Fraser, T.G.)
The poor law in Ireland, 1838-52: the Ballymoney and Magherafelt Unions
Getty, David I., D.Phil. (1991), Ulster
Antonio Gramsci, Amadeo Bordiga and the development of Communism in Italy in the inter-war years.
Morton, Alan B., D.Phil. (1991), Ulster (Bairner, A.)
Culture and education in Ireland, 1920-60
Farren. , S.N., D.Phil. (1990), Ulster (Austin, R.)
The seafishing industry in county Down, 1860-1939
Pollock, Vivienne L., D.Phil. (1989), Ulster (Roebuck, P.)
Ulster emigration, 1851-1914
Tennant, Lorraine M., M.Phil. (1989), Ulster (Connolly, S.J.; Roebuck, P.)
Belfast Trades Council, 1881-1921
Collins, P.G., D.Phil. (1988), Ulster (Patterson, H.H.)
Evidence of subversion? The pro-Soviet propaganda films of wartime America,1942-5
Connolly. , M.J., D.Phil. (1988), Ulster (Riches, W.T.M.)
The Derry shirt-making industry, 1831-1913
Grew, Julie A., M.Phil. (1988), Ulster (Roebuck, P.)
The population of Ulster, 1630-1841: evidence from mid Ulster
Macafee, W., D.Phil. (1988), Ulster (Roebuck, P.)
The Chinese labour controversy in British politics and policy-making
Gordon, S.I, M.Phil. (1987), Ulster (Jeffery, K.J.; Roebuck, P.)
A question of treason: the expulsion of Victor L. Berger from Congress, 1919-20
Mee. , C.M., M.Phil. (1987), Ulster (Riches, W.T.M.; Fraser, T.G.)
The Irish Transport and General Workers Union in its industrial and political context, 1909-23
Starrett. , P.E., D.Phil. (1987), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.)
The Russo-Afghan boundary demarcation, 1884-95: Britain and the Russian threat to the security of India.
Bali, Anila, D.Phil. (1986), Ulster (Fraser, T.G.)
Tyrone nationalism and the border question, 1910-25
Dooher, J.B., M.Phil. (1986), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.)
The development of working-class housing in Ireland, 1840-1912: a study of housing conditions, built form and policy
Moore, S.C., D.Phil. (1986), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.; Williamson, A.P.)
The Northern Ireland problem: a study of the Northern Ireland government in the context of its relations with Dublin and Westminster, 1945-51
Rees, R., D.Phil. (1986), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.)
The origin and development of technical education, 1850-1920, with particular reference to the industrial area of Belfast and its surroundings
Neeson. , H., D.Phil. (1985), Ulster (Nesbitt, J.E.; Austin, R.)
Entrepreneurs and industrial development in Ulster, 1850-1914: a study in business history
Caskey. , S.A., M.Phil. (1984), Ulster (Roebuck, P.)