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Belfast Trades Council, 1881-1921
Collins, P.G., D.Phil. (1988), Ulster (Patterson, H.H.)
Evidence of subversion? The pro-Soviet propaganda films of wartime America,1942-5
Connolly. , M.J., D.Phil. (1988), Ulster (Riches, W.T.M.)
The Derry shirt-making industry, 1831-1913
Grew, Julie A., M.Phil. (1988), Ulster (Roebuck, P.)
The population of Ulster, 1630-1841: evidence from mid Ulster
Macafee, W., D.Phil. (1988), Ulster (Roebuck, P.)
The Chinese labour controversy in British politics and policy-making
Gordon, S.I, M.Phil. (1987), Ulster (Jeffery, K.J.; Roebuck, P.)
A question of treason: the expulsion of Victor L. Berger from Congress, 1919-20
Mee. , C.M., M.Phil. (1987), Ulster (Riches, W.T.M.; Fraser, T.G.)
The Irish Transport and General Workers Union in its industrial and political context, 1909-23
Starrett. , P.E., D.Phil. (1987), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.)
The Russo-Afghan boundary demarcation, 1884-95: Britain and the Russian threat to the security of India.
Bali, Anila, D.Phil. (1986), Ulster (Fraser, T.G.)
Tyrone nationalism and the border question, 1910-25
Dooher, J.B., M.Phil. (1986), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.)
The development of working-class housing in Ireland, 1840-1912: a study of housing conditions, built form and policy
Moore, S.C., D.Phil. (1986), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.; Williamson, A.P.)
The Northern Ireland problem: a study of the Northern Ireland government in the context of its relations with Dublin and Westminster, 1945-51
Rees, R., D.Phil. (1986), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.)
The origin and development of technical education, 1850-1920, with particular reference to the industrial area of Belfast and its surroundings
Neeson. , H., D.Phil. (1985), Ulster (Nesbitt, J.E.; Austin, R.)
Entrepreneurs and industrial development in Ulster, 1850-1914: a study in business history
Caskey. , S.A., M.Phil. (1984), Ulster (Roebuck, P.)
The 1st marquess of Dufferin and Ava: whig, Ulster landlord and imperial statesman
Harrison. , A.T., D.Phil. (1984), Ulster (Fraser, T.G.)
The development of History as an academic subject at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, c.1840-c.1873
Wilkes. , J.R., D.Phil. (1984), Ulster (Nesbitt, J.E.)
The succession of clergy in the parish church of St. Patrick, Coleraine, in the diocese of Connor from the Londoners' plantation 1609 to the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland 1871: a biographical study
Boyd, H.A., M.Phil. (1983), Ulster (Roebuck, P.)
The development of nursing in Northern Ireland
Donaldson, Margaret, D.Phil. (1983), Ulster (Williamson, A.P.; Roebuck, P.)
The United Nations' Relief and Works Agency UNRWA): the first decade, 1950-60.
Lalor, P.G., M.Phil. (1983), Ulster (Fraser, T.G.)
The English navy, politics and administration, 1640-9
McCaughey, R., D.Phil. (1983), Ulster (Lindley, K.J.)
Belfast politics, 1798-1868
Slater. , G.J., D.Phil. (1982), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.)