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The 1st marquess of Dufferin and Ava: whig, Ulster landlord and imperial statesman
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The development of History as an academic subject at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, c.1840-c.1873
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The succession of clergy in the parish church of St. Patrick, Coleraine, in the diocese of Connor from the Londoners' plantation 1609 to the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland 1871: a biographical study
Boyd, H.A., M.Phil. (1983), Ulster (Roebuck, P.)
The development of nursing in Northern Ireland
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The United Nations' Relief and Works Agency UNRWA): the first decade, 1950-60.
Lalor, P.G., M.Phil. (1983), Ulster (Fraser, T.G.)
The English navy, politics and administration, 1640-9
McCaughey, R., D.Phil. (1983), Ulster (Lindley, K.J.)
Belfast politics, 1798-1868
Slater. , G.J., D.Phil. (1982), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.)
Irish neutrality: the United Nations and the peace-keeping experience, 1945-69.
MacQueen, N.J.D., D.Phil. (1981), Ulster (Sharp, A.J.)
The impact of developments in South Africa on Irish politics, 1877-1092.
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The Irish daffodil, c.1870-1950: an essay in horticultural history.
Willis, D., D.Phil. (1980), Ulster (Roebuck, P.)
An opportunity lost: the Northern Ireland education system, 1921-30.
Rocks, J.F., M.A. (1978), Ulster
Catholicism and social discipline in pre-famine Ireland.
Connolly, S.J., D.Phil. (1977), Ulster (Hepburn, A.C.)
The structure and development of agriculture in Ulster, 1900-39.
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The 'United Front' in the Communist International: the debate on the affiliation of the British Communist party to the Labour party, 1920-5.
Jones, D.I.L., M.Phil. (1976), Ulster (Wallace, W.V.)
Teaching the Irish language to adults, 1893-1912.
McMahon, J., M.A. (1976), Ulster (Sockett, H.T.)
The origins, course and implications of the Palestinian Arab general strike of 1936.
Freeman, P.G., M.A. (1975), Ulster
The parishes of Magherafelt and Ballyscullion, 1825-50: an examination of some aspects of social and economic development.
Fay, Anne D.T., M.Phil. (1974), Ulster (McCracken, J.L.)
Irish public opinion on the Second World War.
Whelan, M., M.A. (1974), Ulster
The effects of population decline on the agricultural landscape of the county of Leitrim since the beginning og the 20th century.
Grimes, J.J., M. Phil. (1973), Ulster
Geographical aspects of the local authority house-building programme in England and Wales, 1919-39.
Jennings, J.H., D. Phil. (1973), Ulster