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Mythicising the fighter pilot of the Battle of Britain.
Holte, Ryan, M.Phil. (2010), Wales (Eldridge, Colin)
Communities in Mourning: Commemoration and Memorial Construction in West Wales following the Great War.
Mason, Lester, Ph.D. (2010), Wales (Knight, Frances)
The Augustinian canons in the diocese of Worcester.
Nicholls, Nick, Ph.D. (2010), Wales (Burton, Janet)
The fur trade in Dakota from its beginnings to its heyday in the mid 1830s: its development and impact on the region that later became South Dakota.
Woodard, Aaron R., Ph.D. (2010), Wales (Eldridge, Colin)
The evangelical chaplains in Bengal, 1786-1813.
Ayler, Scott D., Ph.D. (2009), Wales (Eldridge, Colin C.)
The role of the Cawdor estate and family in Carmarthenshire during the 19th century.
Davies, John E., Ph.D. (2009), Wales (Howell, David W.)
Local government and road passenger transport policy in south Wales, 1930-70.
McCloy, Robert J., Ph.D. (2009), Wales (Williams, Chris)
The ironmasters, ironworks and people of the north-west Monmouthshire area, 1780-1850.
Davies, Thomas E., M.Phil. (2008), Wales (Miskell, Louise)
'To show where I came from': music and identity in south Wales, c.1958-2000.
Edwards, Rebecca J., Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Williams, Chris M.)
The dynamics of Labour party politics in Swansea, 1941-64.
Evans, Dinah, Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Tanner, Duncan)
Masculinity and the miners' strike, 1984-5.
Morgan, Steffan, Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Williams, Chris)
Llanwrtyd and the spa towns of mid Wales.
Phillips, Ann, M.Phil. (2008), Wales (Borsay, Peter)
Welsh settlement in medieval Ireland, c.1170-1530.
Price, Roger T., Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Rowlands, Ifor)
'Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord': puritan spiritual diaries and autobiographies in 17th-century England.
Vivian, Claire L., Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Spurr, John)
Imagining Wales: political and civil reactions to the modernisation of Welsh society, 1950-70. (Dychmygu Cymru: ymatebion gwleidyddol a sifil I foderneiddiad y gymdeithas gymreig, 1950-70.) (In Welsh medium.).
Wiliam, Mari E., Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Tanner, Duncan; Griffith, William P.)
The Augustinian canons and their benefactors in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield.
Abram, Andrew, Ph.D. (2007), Wales
The British Army, 1922-1944: military thought and practice compared and contrasted.
Anglim, Simon, Ph.D. (2007), Wales
British Army conterinsurgency and the use of force in Kenya, 1952-56.
Bennett, Huw, Ph.D. (2007), Wales
German prisoners of war in Britain in Britain, 1940-48: policy and performance.
Clarke, Gillian S., Ph.D. (2007), Wales
An edition of Aberystwyth NLW MS. Peniarth 164. (Golygiad o Lawysgrif Peniarth 164 (H) o Gyfraith Hywel Dda.)
Elias, Angharad, Ph.D. (2007), Wales