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Personal names of men in Wales, Cornwall and Brittany, 400-1400 A.D.
Cane, Meredith, Ph.D. (2003), Wales (Aberystwyth)
Legal and literary discourses in the long 18th century: negotiating transgression, ordering society.
Smith, Marie Hockenhull, Ph.D. (2003), Wales (Aberystwyth)
Lord Davies and the New Commonwealth Society, 1932-44
Bauernfeind. , N.D., M.Phil. (1990), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Steeds, D.)
The McKinley Tariff, 1891-9
Walters, Melanie J., M.Phil. (1990), Wales (Aberystwyth)
A social history of Carmarthenshire, 1870-1920
Davies, D.R., Ph.D. (1989), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Davies, J.)
Magistrates of God, ministers of law: the role of the civil magistrate in early Massachusetts
Davies, Katherine M., Ph.D. (1989), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Schlenther, B.S.)
Some aspects of the career of Gian Lorenzo Bernini 1598-1680).
Letman, S.R., M.A (1989), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Fryde, E.B.)
The British political elite and the ending of empire: safeguarding British interests with special reference to 1945-63).
Moussavizadeh, A.-R., M.Phil. (1989), Wales (Aberystwyth)
Immigration and integration: a study of the Irish in Wales, 1798-1922
O'Leary, P.B., Ph.D. (1989), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Jones, I.G.)
The native Welsh dynasties of Rhwng Gwy a Hafren
Remfry, P.M., M.Phil. (1989), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Davies, R.R.)
The life and early political career of Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd earl of Liverpool, 1770-1812
Alter, J.-M., Ph.D. (1988), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Thomas, P.D.G.)
The 19th-century book trade in Sind
Butt, A.R., Ph.D. (1988), Wales (Aberystwyth)
Britain's relations with France and Spain, 1763-71
Escott, Margaret M., Ph.D. (1988), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Thomas, P.D.G.)
The Conservative party in government and opposition, 1929-32
Jenkins, S.P., M.A. (1988), Wales (Aberystwyth)
A social and economic study of N.W. Shropshire, 1660-1714
Peters, Amanda, Ph.D. (1988), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Howells, B.E.)
Changing markets and the response of agriculture in S.W. England, 1750-1900
Copus, A.K., Ph.D. (1987), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Dodgshon, R.A.)
Hanes cymdeithasol Meirionnydd, 1750-1859 (Social history of Merioneth, 1750-1859)
Davis, M.R., M.A. (1987), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Jones, I.G.)
Secondary and higher education for girls and women in Wales, 1847-1920.
Evans, W.G., Ph.D. (1987), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Webster, J.R.)
British relations with Trans-Jordan, 1920-30
Guckian. , N.J., Ph.D. (1987), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Porter, B.)
Popular revolt and unrest in England during the second half of the reign of Henry VI
Harvey, Isobel M.W., Ph.D. (1987), Wales (Aberystwyth) (Fryde, E.B.)