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The social and economic position of women in 19th-century Anglesey
Williams, Sydna Ann, M.Phil. (1990), Wales (Bangor) (Griffith, W.P.)
A study in British radical politics, 1750-90
Brydon. , W.B., Ph.D. (1989), Wales (Bangor) (Dyer, A.D.)
John Herbert Lewis and Welsh radicalism
Erasmus. , T.P., Ph.D. (1989), Wales (Bangor) (Parry, C.)
The Henrician court during Cardinal Wolsey's ascendancy, c.1514-1529
Samman, N., Ph.D. (1989), Wales (Bangor) (Loades, D.M.)
Land tenure, class structure and political discourse in Algeria, 1830-1982
Amirech, M., Ph.D. (1987), Wales (Bangor)
A critical study of the development of the cult of the Virgin Mary up to A.D. 87.
Brisley, M.J., M.Th. (1987), Wales (Bangor)
The port and town of Holyhead during the depression of the 1930s
Owen, A., M.A. (1987), Wales (Bangor) (Griffith, W.P.)
The Welsh disestablishment crisis, 1868-1906: the Anglican intellectual response
Owen, B.E., M.A. (1987), Wales (Bangor) (Griffith, W.P.)
Joseph Parry: his life and works
Rhys, D., Ph.D. (1987), Wales (Bangor)
British Pestalozzianism in the 19th century
Brown, J.A., Ph.D. (1986), Wales (Bangor)
The folk-games of children in Wales, 1860-1980
Jones, T.V., M.A. (1986), Wales (Bangor)
The manufacturing industries in the Greenfield Valley of Holywell, Clwyd, 1750- 1900
Davies. , K., Ph.D. (1985), Wales (Bangor) (Williams, J.G.)
Medieval and modern new towns [Conway and Runcorn]: a comparative study
Harrison, R.L.E., Ph.D. (1985), Wales (Bangor) (Dyer, A.D.)
Local government and politics in Shrewsbury, in the 19th century
Byrne, M.J., M.A. (1984), Wales (Bangor) (Lewis, R.A.)
A study of the growth of churches in Bolton during the Industrial Revolution
Dale, P.N., Ph.D. (1984), Wales (Bangor)
The origins and development of the School Medical Service, 1870-1919
Hirst, J.D., Ph.D. (1983), Wales (Bangor)
Army recruitment in Gwynedd, 1914-16
Hughes. , C., M.A. (1983), Wales (Bangor) (Williams, J.G.)
Hanes Methodistiaeth Galfinaidd yn Nwyrain Meirionnydd, 1900-75 (The history of Calvinistic Methodism in E. Merionethshire, 1900-75)
Lynch, M.M., M.A. (1983), Wales (Bangor)
A history of printing in the Conwy valley up to 1914
Wicklen, S.I., M.A. (1983), Wales (Bangor) (Jones, B.L.)
Welsh students at Oxford, Cambridge and the Inns of Court during the 16th and early 17th centuries
Griffith, W.P., Ph.D. (1982), Wales (Bangor)