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An historical and theological analysis of the role of the holy spirit in preaching in English Protestant writings in Britain, 1945-2000.
Kim, Sung Tae, Ph.D. (2003), Wales (Lampeter)
Cardiganshire parliamentary elections and their backgrounds, 1921-32
Aubel, F.F.E., M.Phil. (1989), Wales (Lampeter) (Smith, M.S.)
The episcopate of Connop Thirlwall (bishop of St. Davids, 1840-74) in relation to the religious controversies of the mid Victorian era
Wakely, P.A., Ph.D. (1988), Wales (Lampeter)
Sir Francis Younghusband: a case study in the career of a player in the Great Game, 1885-1904
Evans, P.R., M.A. (1987), Wales (Lampeter)
The early Cornish tin industry: an archaeological and historical survey
Gerrard, G.A.M., Ph.D. (1987), Wales (Lampeter)
The development of the policy of the English Crown towards Wales and the Marches, c.1066-1216
Morgan. , C.M., M.A. (1987), Wales (Lampeter) (Jones, G.D.)
Sir John Goss as organist of St. Paul's cathedral, 1838-72
Fenwick, R.D., M.A. (1986), Wales (Lampeter) (Price, D.T.W.)
The lordships of the de Braose family in the March of Wales, c.1100-1326
Havard, D.G., M.A. (1984), Wales (Lampeter) (Jones, G.D.)
The political ideas of Thomas Hobbes
Kim, Y.-H., Ph.D. (1984), Wales (Lampeter)
The diocese of Bath and Wells in the 18th century: the lives and work of Bishop John Wynne, 1667-1742, Bishop Edward Willes, 1693-1773, and Bishop Charles Moss, 1711-1802
Gibson. , W.T., M.A. (1983), Wales (Lampeter) (Price, D.T.W.)
A social study of Roman Catholicism in W. Sussex in the 18th century
Kinoulty, Mary K., M.A. (1983), Wales (Lampeter) (Price, D.T.W.)
Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen, 1st Lord Brabourne, and the British empire, 1871- 93
Rowbotham, Judith D., Ph.D. (1982), Wales (Lampeter) (Eldridge, C.C.)