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Cardiff Hist.

Attitudes to race and gender in France during World War I.
Cockburn, Joshua, Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Passmore, Kevin)
The Welsh and the American Civil War, c.1850-1865.
Griffiths, Robert H., Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Jones, William D.)
Domestic cult in the classical Greek house.
Morgan, Janett, Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Fisher, Nicholas R.E.; Westgate, Ruth)
Putting the monsters in order: revealing the nature of the early modern monstrous.
Stagg, Kevin, Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Walker, Garthine M.)
Some aspects of the history of Poor Law provision in Cardiff during the 19th century.
Williams, Marian, M.Phil. (2004), Wales (Jones, William D.)
The archaeology of Ramla: a medieval Islamic city.
Petersen, Andrew, Ph.D. (2003), Wales (Pringle, Denys)
Slavery and culture in medieval Britain and Ireland: an alternative perspective of an enduring institution.
Wyatt, David, Ph.D. (2003), Wales (Aird, William M.)
Aspects of urban history of the Garw Valley, c.1870-1914.
Price, Wyn, Ph.D. (2002), Wales (Williams, Christopher M.)
Music after Hitler: politics, society and the reconstruction of an art in Germany, 1945-55.
Thacker, E. Toby, Ph.D. (2002), Wales (Osmond, Jonathan P.)