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Lampeter Hist

Llanwrtyd and the spa towns of mid Wales.
Phillips, Ann, M.Phil. (2008), Wales (Borsay, Peter)
The Augustinian canons and their benefactors in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield.
Abram, Andrew, Ph.D. (2007), Wales
Locating a place and its people: Ceredigion and the Cardi, c.1760-2004.
Benbough-Jackson, Michael, Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Borsay, Anne)
Nursing in Cardiff during the First World War.
Brady, Sara, Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Borsay, Anne)
Sheep farming in medieval Gwynedd and Pembrokeshire.
Johnson, Catherine, Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Burton, Janet E.)
Praise and propaganda: prophetic poetry in Wales.
Schoales, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (2003), Wales (Burton, Janet E.; Thorne, David)
Some aspects of the experience of Carmarthenshire in the Great War.
Barlow, Robin, Ph.D. (2001), Wales
Northern Irish regiments in the Great War: culture, mythology, politics and national identity.
Hughes, S. Gavin M., Ph.D. (1999), Wales
Church building and restoration in Victorian Glamorgan, 1837-1901.
Orrin, Geoffrey R., Ph.D. (1999), Wales
Great Britain and Cyprus: the governorship of Field-Marshal Sir John Harding, 1955-7.
Simou, Andreas, M.Phil. (1999), Wales (Finney, Patrick B.; Eldridge, Colin C.)
Rus in urbe: greening the English town, 1660-1760.
Williams, Laura J., Ph.D. (1998), Wales (Borsay, Peter N.)
The influence of British Protestant missionaries on the development of the British empire in Africa and the Pacific, c.1865-c.1885.
Darch, John, Ph.D. (1997), Wales (Eldridge, Colin C.)
Does your country need you? An oral history of the national service experience in Britain, 1945-63.
Martin, Steven J., Ph.D. (1997), Wales (Smith, Malcolm S.)
Medicine and midwifery: discourses in childbirth, c.1945-1974.
Pitt, Susan J., Ph.D. (1996), Wales (Borsay, Anne)
The Free Church of England, otherwise called the Reformed Episcopal Church, c.1845-c.1927.
Fenwick, Richard D., Ph.D. (1995), Wales (Price, D.T.W.)
The helicopter and the struggle for its control between the War Office and the Air Ministry.
Sadler, Guy, Ph.D. (1994), Wales (Smith, Malcolm S.)
Socialist propaganda in Britain, 1880-1914.
Wright, Martin K., M.Phil. (1992), Wales (Fairclough, A.)
The Foreign Office and international sport, 1918-48.
Polley, Martin R., Ph.D. (1991), Wales (Smith, M.S.)