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Soc. Hist

Women and citizenship in England: a study of non-feminist women's societies and the women's movement in England, 1928-50.
Beaumont, Caitriona A., Ph.D. (1996), Warwick (Mason, Tony; Obelkevich, James)
The conversion to socialism: Britain, 1880-1914.
Donovan, Nick, M.A. (1996), Warwick (Obelkevich, James)
'The good pope': British reactions to the papacy of Pius IX, 1846-52.
Matsumoto, Saho, Ph.D. (1996), Warwick (Davis, John A.)
The social and cultural impact of the motor car in Britain, 1918-39.
O'Connell, Sean, Ph.D. (1996), Warwick (Mason, Tony; Obelkevich, James)
'Tripping daintily into the arena': a social history of English women's athletics, 1921-60.
Robinson, Lynne, Ph.D. (1996), Warwick (Mason, Tony)
A commercial history of the Birmingham Small Arms Co. Ltd. (B.S.A.), with particular reference to the motorcycle division, 1945-75.
Koerner, Stephen, Ph.D. (1995), Warwick (Mason, A.; Tiratsoo, Nicholas E.H.)
Community, work and religion: mentalities in the villages of the North Wales coalfield, c.1930-c.1960.
Laidlaw, Roger S., Ph.D. (1995), Warwick (Obelkevich, J.; Tiratsoo, Nicholas E.H.)
Leisure in English towns, 1945-60.
Ichihashi, Hideo, Ph.D. (1994), Warwick (Mason, A.; Tiratsoo, Nicholas E.H.)
A woman's place in the village: an oral history study of working-class women's lives between 1890 and 1940 in and around Broadway, Worcs.
Sidenius, Jean H., Ph.D. (1994), Warwick (Mason, A.; Weinberger, Barbara)
Alfred A. Walton and mid Victorian working-class radicalism.
Mares, Detlev, M.A. (1993), Warwick
The voluntary maternity hospital: a social history of provincial institutions, with specific reference to maternal mortality, 1860-1930.
Stephenson, Craig D., Ph.D. (1993), Warwick (Lane, Joan; Mason, A.)
Popular housing provision in England, 1930s-1950s.
Tsubaki, Tatsuya, Ph.D. (1993), Warwick (Mason, A.; Tiratsoo, Nicholas E.H.)
The development of trade unionism among bank employees in Britain since 1930.
Nakano, Satoshi, Ph.D. (1992), Warwick (Mason, A.)