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Britain and Egypt: Arab nationalism and strategic choices, 1919-30.
Gifford, Jayne, Ph.D. (2010), West of England (Fedorowich, Kent; Fisher, John)
Divided elite: governance and prison reform in early 19th-century Bristol.
Pearce, Trevor, Ph.D. (2010), West of England (Poole, Steven; Ollerenshaw, Philip G.)
The life and times of Thomas Speed.
Harlow, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2008), West of England (Dresser, Madge; Barry, Jonathan)
Political communication in early Tudor England: the Bristol elite, the urban community and the crown, c.1471-c.1553.
Lee, James M., Ph.D. (2007), West of England
'For women, for Wales and for Liberalism': women in Liberal politics in Wales, c.1883-1914.
Masson, Ursula, Ph.D. (2007), West of England (Hannam, June B.; Beddoe, Deirdre)
Bavarian diplomacy during the rule of Elector Ferdinand Maria: the interaction of a German Electorate with imperial and foreign power politics.
Bangert, Anette, Ph.D. (2006), West of England
Organists in the Church of England, 1950-99: an ethnographic and contextual study in relation to the dioceses of Bristol and Bath and Wells.
Freke, Martin J., Ph.D. (2006), West of England
The behavourial indoctrination of civilians in Bristol to maintain social order in a nuclear war, 1948-68.
Scott, George, Ph.D. (2006), West of England
Labour politics in Bristol, 1918-45.
Sinnett, Tanya, Ph.D. (2006), West of England
Spanish national identity redefined: the erosion of cultural autarky under Franco, c.1953-1966.
Stuart, Thomas, Ph.D. (2006), West of England
From assimilation to anti-racism: the Church of England's response to Afro-Caribbean migration, 1948-81.
Burton, Edson, Ph.D. (2005), West of England (Dresser, Madge J.; Goulbourne, Harry)
The Hungarian Social Democrats and the British Labour party, 1944-8.
Jodah, Ullin, Ph.D. (2005), West of England (Swain, Geoffrey R.)
'Have you forgotten yet?' Shell shock, trauma and the memory of the Great War in Britain, 1914-30.
Reid, Fiona, Ph.D. (2005), West of England (Hannam, June B.; Beddoe, Deirdre)
The development of Quakerism in Wiltshire from the early days of enthusiasm and persecution, to respectability and decline.
Taylor, Kay, Ph.D. (2005), West of England (Dresser, Madge J.; Laurence, E. Anne)
The British brewing industry and decolonisation of the British empire, 1945-70.
Thomas, Kenneth, Ph.D. (2005), West of England (Fedorowich, E. Kent; Ollerenshaw, Philip G.)
The origins of Syriac studies in the 16th century.
Wilkinson, Robert J., Ph.D. (2005), West of England (Johnson, Trevor R.; Brock, Sebastian)
Anarchy, order and the politics of moral theology: censuring the French confessional right, 1924-34.
Watson, Peter, Ph.D. (2004), West of England (Thomas, Martin C.R.; Ollerenshaw, Philip G.)
Women and the Great Western Railway, with special reference to Swindon Works.
Matheson, Rosa, Ph.D. (2002), West of England (Hannam, June B.; Channon, Geoffrey)
The Labour party's policy towards land reform, 1900-45.
Tichelar, Michael, Ph.D. (2000), West of England
The development and implementation of authority in a regional capital: a study of Bristol's elites, 1835-1939.
Jordan, Spencer, Ph.D. (1999), West of England