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Anarchy, order and the politics of moral theology: censuring the French confessional right, 1924-34.
Watson, Peter, Ph.D. (2004), West of England (Thomas, Martin C.R.; Ollerenshaw, Philip G.)
Women and the Great Western Railway, with special reference to Swindon Works.
Matheson, Rosa, Ph.D. (2002), West of England (Hannam, June B.; Channon, Geoffrey)
The Labour party's policy towards land reform, 1900-45.
Tichelar, Michael, Ph.D. (2000), West of England
The development and implementation of authority in a regional capital: a study of Bristol's elites, 1835-1939.
Jordan, Spencer, Ph.D. (1999), West of England
An examination of the social impact of the Vivians on Swansea, 1809-94.
Cook, Lorainne A., Ph.D. (1997), West of England
Industrial relations in the British printing industry between the wars.
Richardson, Michael J., Ph.D. (1995), West of England (Hannam, June B.; Ollerenshaw, Philip G.)