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John Collet (c.1725-1780): a commercial comic artist.
Blackwell, Caitlin, Ph.D. (2014), York (Hallett, Mark L.)
The fiscal constitution of later medieval England: the reign of Henry VI.
Brayson, Alex, Ph.D. (2014), York (Ormrod, W. Mark)
Herbert Ward: sculpture, politics and exploration in the Atlantic world, 1884 to the present.
Breedon, Kirsty, Ph.D. (2014), York (Edwards, Jason)
The influence of Korean art, ideas and aesthetics on abstract expressionism.
Chae, Jung Gyun, M.Phil. (2014), York (Turner, Sarah; White, Michael)
Marmorealities: classical nakedness in British sculpture and historical painting, 1798-1840.
Gilroy-Ware, Cora, Ph.D. (2014), York (Prettejohn, Elizabeth)
‘Lovers of art’: early English literature on the connoisseurship of pictures.
Good, Caroline, Ph.D. (2014), York (Hallett, Mark L.)
Vanbrugh, Blenheim palace and the meanings of Baroque architecture.
Legard, James, Ph.D. (2014), York (Geraghty, Anthony)
Sarah Sophia Banks: femininity, sociability and the practice of collecting in late 18th-century England.
Leis, Arlene, Ph.D. (2014), York (Hallett, Mark L.)
Writing rogues: cheap print, criminals and readers in London, 1590-1670.
Liapi, Eleni, Ph.D. (2014), York (Sharpe, James; Jenner, Mark S.R.)
British graphic art, 1660-1735: an Atlantic perspective.
Moore, Peter, Ph.D. (2014), York (Hallett, Mark L.)
Music and post-Reformation English Catholics, 1570-1642: place, sociability and space.
Murphy, Emilie K.M., Ph.D. (2014), York ( Ditchfield, Simon R.)
The history of the re-used 12th-century glass of York Minster.
Reid, David, Ph.D. (2014), York (Ayers, Tim)
Edward Hawke Locker and the foundation of the National Gallery of Naval Art, 1795-1845.
Robinson, Cicely, Ph.D. (2014), York (Hallett, Mark L.; Johns, Richard)
Fieldwork: performing social science in North America, 1959-71.
Spencer, Catherine, Ph.D. (2014), York (Applin, Jo)
The aesthetics of imperial crisis: image making and intervention in British India, c.1857-1919.
Willcock, Sean, Ph.D. (2014), York (Turner, Sarah)
Stained glassworlds: stained glass at the international Exhibitions, c.1851-1900.
Allen, Jasmine, Ph.D. (2013), York (Ayers, Tim; Edwards, Jason)
Thomas Gainsborough and the imagery of passage.
Bailey, Joy, M.A. (2013), York (Hallett, Mark L.)
The 'ingenious moral painter': Edward Penny, the Royal Academy and the reinvention of genre painting, 1768-82.
Lax, Lucinda, Ph.D. (2013), York (Hallett, Mark L.)
British Graphic Art 1660-1735: An Atlantic Perspective
Moore, Peter, Ph.D. (2013), York (Hallett, Mark L.)
Between women: visualising Victorian women artists' identities through art movements, media and scale.
Tyreman, Katie, Ph.D. (2013), York (Edwards, Jason)