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Hist. of Art

A new theatre of prospects: 18th-century British painters and artistic mobility.
Hancock, Samantha, Ph.D. (2012), York (Hallett, Mark)
Nostell Priory: history of a house, 1730-85.
Sands, Frances, Ph.D. (2012), York (Geraghty, Anthony)
Representations of reverie: Rossetti, Whistler, Clausen and the psychologies of consciousness.
Neal, Ian, Ph.D. (2011), York (Corbett, David)
Colen Campbell and the preparatory drawings for 'Vitruvius Britannicus'.
O'Hara, Jo, Ph.D. (2011), York (Geraghty, Anthony)
'Sermons in stone': 11th-century figural sculptures from Croatia.
Skoblar, Magdalena, Ph.D. (2011), York (Hawkes, Jane)
The origins and meanings of Hans Memling's landscapes.
York, Helen, Ph.D. (2011), York (Nuechterlein, Jeanne)
Dark reflections: 19th-century luminism and the uncanny.
Chapman, Olivia, Ph.D. (2010), York (Corbett, David)
'He hath mingled with the ungodly': the life of Simeon Solomon after 1873, with a survey of the extant works.
Conroy, Carolyn, Ph.D. (2010), York (Edwards, Jason)
Between art and design: sculptors and design reform in France, 1848-1895.
Jones, Claire B., Ph.D. (2010), York (Edwards, Jason)
Crosses in circulation: processes and patterns of acquisition and display of early medieval sculpture in the national museums of Britain and Ireland, 'c'.1850-1950.
McCormick, Elizabeth L., Ph.D. (2010), York (Hawkes, Jane; White, Michael)
'Equivocal positions': the influence of William Rothenstein, 'c'.1890-1910.
Shaw, Sam, Ph.D. (2010), York (Corbett, David)
'Architecturus ingenio': Robert Hooke, the early Royal Society, and the practices of architecture.
Walker, Matthew, Ph.D. (2010), York (Geraghty, Anthony)
Architecture and philanthropy: building hospitals in 18th-century York.
Akehurst, Ann-Marie, Ph.D. (2009), York (Hallett, Mark)
Anne Seymour Damer and the sculpture of ideas.
Crease, Jane, Ph.D. (2009), York (Marks, Richard)
Domestic devotion and the material culture of religion in post-Renaissance Florence.
Anderson, Caroline, Ph.D. (2008), York (Lillie, Amanda)
Optical devices and early Netherlandish visual culture, c.1400-c.1520.
Hanley, Stephen, Ph.D. (2008), York (Nuechterlein, Jeanne)
An investigation of the impact of Darwin on his contemporaries in the fields of garden and horticultural design and of botanical representation.
Kerrigan, Philip, Ph.D. (2008), York (Corbett, David)
Style, perception and identity: the Gothic bridge in London and York, c.1730-1881.
Prior, Marie, Ph.D. (2008), York (Geraghty, Anthony)
Axis: an authentic abstraction in 1930s England.
Hiscock, Karen, Ph.D. (2006), York