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Praying the passion: lay people's participation in medieval liturgy and devotion.
McCullough, Eleanor G., Ph.D. (2011), York
Shakespeare and England's empire, 1780-1800.
Sheena, Sarah, Ph.D. (2011), York
History and the written word in the Angevin empire, 'c'.1154-'c'.1200.
Bainton, William H.J., Ph.D. (2010), York
The archaeology and conservation of the east front of York Minster.
Holton, Alexander B., Ph.D. (2010), York
Rebuilding a culture: studies in Italian music after fascism, 1943-53.
Roderick, Peter, Ph.D. (2010), York
Biographies of people and place: the Harewood estate, 1698-1913.
Tatlioglu, Timur G., Ph.D. (2010), York
A mote in the eye of literature': working-class autobiography, 1820-48.
Falke, Cassandra M., Ph.D. (2009), York
Crossing the convent threshold: Frances Taylor, Georgiana Fullerton and 19th-century Catholic women's writing.
Harper, Katherine, Ph.D. (2009), York
A prospect beyond history: the contextual analysis of the designed landscapes in the North Riding, Yorkshire during the long 18th century.
Johansen, Leslie E., Ph.D. (2009), York
Body-soul debates in English, French and German manuscripts, c.1200-c.1500.
Richards, Emily J., Ph.D. (2009), York
Reinventing revolution on the Commonwealth and Restoration stage, 1648-72.
Willie, Rachel J., Ph.D. (2009), York
Silencing the poor: soundscape, landscape and society in 18th-century Britain.
Denney, Peter, Ph.D. (2008), York
The sympathy of popular opinion: representations of the crowd in Britain, 1770-1849.
Fairclough, Mary, Ph.D. (2008), York
The German's Tale': German history, English drama and the politics of adaptation.
Heuer, Imke, Ph.D. (2008), York
The mercers in medieval York, 1272/3-1529: social aspirations and commercial enterprise.
Wheatley, Louise Russell, Ph.D. (2008), York
Literary-legal relations in Commonwealth-period Iceland.
Burrows, Hannah, Ph.D. (2007), York
Decline, collapse or transformation? Hadrian's wall in the 4th-5th centuries A.D.
Collins, Robert M., Ph.D. (2007), York
Sacred space: priorities, perception and the presence of God in late medieval Yorkshire parish churches.
Masinton, Anthony W., Ph.D. (2007), York
The politics of private life: propaganda, morality and the family, 1789-1820.
Wagner, Corinna, D.Phil. (2006), York
Power, ambition and political rehabilitation: the Despensers, c.1281-1400.
Lawrence, Martyn J., Ph.D. (2005), York