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The social and economic history of the Gosford estates, 1610-1876.
Gourley, R.S., M. Sc. (Econ.) (1974), Belfast
The history and archaeology of the Anglo-Norman earldom of Ulster.
McNeill, T.E., Ph. D. (1974), Belfast (Jope, E.M.)
The plantation of county Tyrone in the 17th century.
Robinson, P., Ph. D. (1974), Belfast (Glasscock, R.E.)
The Volunteer movement in Ulster: background and development, 1745-85.
Smyth, D.H., Ph.D. (1974), Belfast (Beckett, J.C.)
Distributional sapects of family name study illustrated in the Glens of Antrim.
Turner, B.S., Ph. D. (1974), Belfast (Beckett, J.C.)
Asquith, Home Rule and the Gladstonian tradition.
Marley, Margaret E.P., Ph.D. (1973), Belfast (Beckett, J.C.)
A history of the distilling industry, the spirit trade and excise controls in Ireland up to 1945.
McGuire, E.B., Ph. D. (1973), Belfast
James Carlisle (1784-1854).
Rodgers, R.J., Ph.D. (1973), Belfast (Beckett, J.C.; Stewart, A.T.Q.)
The history of the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, 1873-1948.
Calwell, H.G., M.A. (1972), Belfast (Brown, K.D.)
The roads of County Down, 1600-1900: the evolution of the road system of an Irish county.
Fulton, J.T., Ph. D. (1972), Belfast (Glasscock, R.E.)
The settlement pattern of Anglo-Norman Eastmeath, 1170-1660.
Graham, B.J., Ph. D. (1972), Belfast (Glasscock, R.E.)
The Ulster Unionist party, 1882-1970: its development and organization.
Harbinson, J.F., Ph.D. (1972), Belfast
The gramophone society movements: a history of gramophone societies in Britain, including their links with public libraries.
Bryant, E.T., M.A. (1971), Belfast
The episcopate in England and Wales in the reign of Edward I.
Cosgrave, A.J., Ph. D. (1971), Belfast (Gray, J.W.)
The electoral system in Northern Ireland since 1920.
Elliot, S., Ph.D. (1971), Belfast
The history and development of libraries in Liverpool before 1860.
Gibbons, F., M.A. (1971), Belfast
Cardinal mazarin's policy towards Oliver Cromwell, 1653-8.
McMillan, A.K., M. A. (1971), Belfast (Roberts, M.)
The development of clerical trade unionism in the north of Ireland during the 20th century.
McMullan, G., Ph.D. (1971), Belfast
Aspects of evangelization in Irish Presbyterianism, 1880-1965.
Thompson, J., M.Th. (1971), Belfast
Studies in early Peloponnesian migrations.
Jordan, R. H., M. A. (1970), Belfast