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Communist politics in Ireland, 1916-45.
Milotte, M.H., Ph.D. (1977), Belfast
The political system, voting patterns and voting behaviour in Northern Ireland, 1921-74.
Osborne, R.D., Ph.D. (1977), Belfast
The Townsend viceroyalty, 1767-72.
Bartlett, T., Ph.D. (1976), Belfast (Jupp, P.J.)
Marriage and fertility in the Republic of Ireland since 1926: some geographical considerations.
Coward, J., Ph. D. (1976), Belfast
The Ancient Order of Hibernians: an Irish political-religious pressure group, 1884-1975.
Foy, M.T., M.A. (1976), Belfast
The plantation of county Fermanagh, 1610-41: an archaeological and historical survey.
Johnston, J.D., M. A. (1976), Belfast (Beckett, J.C.)
An aspect of rural reconstruction: the work of the Congested Districts Board, with specific reference to county Donegal, 1891-1923.
Logan, W.J.P., M.A. (1976), Belfast (Stewart, A.T.Q.)
The Vikings in the Irish Sea area, c.850-c.980.
McCall, D.T.G., M. A. (1976), Belfast (Dolley, M.)
Ancient ironworking in Ireland: industrial and technological development to the end of the 14th century A.D.
Scott, B.G., Ph. D. (1976), Belfast
The medieval moated sites of S.E. Ireland.
Barry, T.B., Ph. D. (1975), Belfast (Glasscock, R.E.)
William Blacker (1777-1855): a consideration of his impact on some social and military organizations in Ireland as revealed principally in his memoirs.
Elliott, D.H., M.A. (1975), Belfast (Devlin, D.D.)
Crime in Ireland, 1878-84: a statistical and socio-legal study of agrarian and other crime in late 19th-century Ireland.
Myles, J.T.G., LL.M. (1975), Belfast
A social and economic study of part of S. county Antrim in the second half of the 19th century.
Todd, N.W., M.A. (1975), Belfast
The social and economic history of the Gosford estates, 1610-1876.
Gourley, R.S., M. Sc. (Econ.) (1974), Belfast
The history and archaeology of the Anglo-Norman earldom of Ulster.
McNeill, T.E., Ph. D. (1974), Belfast (Jope, E.M.)
The plantation of county Tyrone in the 17th century.
Robinson, P., Ph. D. (1974), Belfast (Glasscock, R.E.)
The Volunteer movement in Ulster: background and development, 1745-85.
Smyth, D.H., Ph.D. (1974), Belfast (Beckett, J.C.)
Distributional sapects of family name study illustrated in the Glens of Antrim.
Turner, B.S., Ph. D. (1974), Belfast (Beckett, J.C.)
Asquith, Home Rule and the Gladstonian tradition.
Marley, Margaret E.P., Ph.D. (1973), Belfast (Beckett, J.C.)
A history of the distilling industry, the spirit trade and excise controls in Ireland up to 1945.
McGuire, E.B., Ph. D. (1973), Belfast