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The Scotch colony': Presbyterians in Ulster, 1680-c.1730.
Whan, Robert, Ph.D. (2007), Belfast (Hayton, David W.)
Politics in Ulster in the age of emancipation and reform, c.1825-35.
Kingon, Suzanne T., Ph.D. (2006), Belfast
Roman trade with India and the Far East, 31 B.C.-A.D. 284.
McLaughlin, Raoul, Ph.D. (2006), Belfast
The sacred landscape of Ireland.
Pollard, Penelope A., Ph.D. (2006), Belfast
Domestic space in Atlantic Scotland, 1800 B.C.-A.D. 1000.
Russell, Caroline, Ph.D. (2006), Belfast
Family, lordship and service - the Courcys in the 11th and 12th centuries.
Flanders, Steve, Ph.D. (2005), Belfast
Catholicism and capitalist social order in Ireland, 1907-73: an historical institutionalist analysis.
L’Estrange, Sean, Ph.D. (2005), Belfast
'From Dolly's Brae to Westminster': the Loyal Orange Institution in Ireland, c.1849-1886.
Mattison, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2005), Belfast
Parliamentary elections and politics in County Armagh, 1776-1800.
McGleenon, Cornelius F., Ph.D. (2005), Belfast
Training for service: an examination of change and development in the Bible College movement in the U.K., 1873-2002.
Cheesman, C.J., Ph.D. (2004), Belfast
Geography, empire and the missionary imperative: a contextual reading of popular C.M.S. mission literature, c.1850-1900.
McKay, Tracey M., Ph.D. (2004), Belfast
The provision, building and architecture of Anglican churches in the north of Ireland, 1600-1740.
Roulston, William J., Ph.D. (2004), Belfast
Parliamentary elections in Ulster counties, 1761-83.
Black, Alan, M.Phil. (2003), Belfast (Hayton, David W.)
Institutional change and the two Irelands, 1945-90: an application of North's institutional economics.
Brownlow, Graham A., Ph.D. (2003), Belfast (Kennedy, Liam)
The Nonae: the records of the taxation of the ninth in England, 1340-1.
Livingstone, Marilyn, Ph.D. (2003), Belfast (Campbell, Bruce M.S.)
The growth and decline of direct demesne management in medieval England.
Poynder, Nicholas, Ph.D. (2003), Belfast (Campbell, Bruce M.S.)
Recreational attitudes and activities of early modern English diarists, 1500-1700.
McKay, Elaine A., Ph.D. (2001), Belfast
The Irish militia, 1793-1802.
Nelson, Ivan F., Ph.D. (2001), Belfast
Unionism and nationalism and the Irish language, 1893-1933.
Andrews, Liam S., Ph.D. (2000), Belfast
Pulling back the green curtain: Irish foreign policy, 1945-63.
Brown, K.J., Ph.D. (2000), Belfast