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The merchant community in Ireland, 1660-c.1710.
Agnew, Jean H., Ph.D. (1994), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary)
Attitudes to poverty and vagrancy in early modern Ireland.
Fitzgerald, Patrick D., Ph.D. (1994), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary)
Patriarchy and power in the Byzantine empire from Maria of Alania to Maua of Antioch, 1080-1180.
Hill, B.N., Ph.D. (1994), Belfast
The Catholic Church and Republican nationalism in the early 20th century.
O'Reilly, Noel, Ph.D. (1994), Belfast (Harkness, D.W.)
Countering the revolutionaries: an examination of the Cumann nan Gaedheal, 1922-5.
Regan, John M., Ph.D. (1994), Belfast (Harkness, D.W.)
The yeomanry in Ulster, 1796-c.1814.
Blackstock, Allan, Ph.D. (1993), Belfast (Jupp, P.J.)
The construction industry in Belfast, 1800-1914.
Cockerill, John, Ph.D. (1993), Belfast (Johnson, D.S.)
Patronage and politics in Ireland, 1714-27.
McNally, Patrick, Ph.D. (1993), Belfast (Jupp, P.J.)
Social bases of the Irish land war, 1857-79.
Murphy, Clare, Ph.D. (1993), Belfast (Kennedy, L.)
Hebridean settlement and activity in Ireland, c.1470-1565.
Smith, Philip, M.A. (1993), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary)
Patterns of landholding and architectural patronage in late medieval Meath.
Abraham, A.S.K., Ph.D. (1992), Belfast
Some contributions to the history of analytical chemistry.
Burns, D.T., M.A. (1992), Belfast
Presbyterians from radicalism and rebellion to unionism and loyalism: the transformation in the political complexion of Ulster.
Carson, G., Ph.D. (1992), Belfast
The life of Sir Wilfrid Spender, 1876-1960.
Maxwell, Ian, Ph.D. (1991), Belfast (Harkness, D.W.)
T.W. Russell: temperance orator, militant unionist missionary, radical land reformer and political pragmatist.
McKeown, Paschal A., Ph.D. (1991), Belfast (Bew, P.A.E.; Stewart, A.T.Q.)
The christianization of the Roman army in the 4th century.
Woods, D., Ph.D. (1991), Belfast
Dearth, death and disease: an analysis of mortality crises in five Lagan Valley parishes, 1700-1850.
Worthington, Patricia A., M.A. (1991), Belfast (Clarkson, L.A.)
The establishment of Northern Ireland, 1920-5
Follis. , B.A., Ph.D. (1990), Belfast (Stewart, A.T.Q.)
A history of the Linen Hall Library, 1788-1989
Killen, J., M.A. (1990), Belfast (Stewart, A.T.Q.)
Samuel Patrick Close: architect (1842-1925)
McGuinness, A.E., M.A. (1990), Belfast