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Between parity and particularity: agricultural policy in Northern Ireland, 1921- 72
Greer, A.J., Ph.D. (1989), Belfast
Voluntary societies in Victorian and Edwardian Belfast
Jordan, Alison, Ph.D. (1989), Belfast (Clarkson, L.A.)
Imperial orthodoxy: heresy and politics during the reign of Alexios I Komnenos (1081-1118)
Leeson, D.F.G., M.A. (1989), Belfast
Official government sources regarding the history of Royal Ulster and Ulster Special Constabularies, 1920-56
Murphy, W.F., M.A. (1989), Belfast
The Runciman mission to Czechoslovakia, 1938.
Palmer, Karen M., Ph.D. (1989), Belfast (Blair, P.E.)
Urban patronage and estate management on the duke of Devonshire's Irish estates (c.1764-1891): a study in landlord-tenant relationships
Proudfoot, L.J., Ph.D. (1989), Belfast (Campbell, B.M.S.)
The county Armagh education committee, 1925-47
Rooney, J.J.M., M.A. (1989), Belfast
The Roman empire in crisis: local communities and the civil wars (c.50 B.C. to A.D. 200)
Van Deemter, H., M.A. (1989), Belfast
Trade unionism and socialism in Northern Ireland, 1939-53
Cradden, T.G., Ph.D. (1988), Belfast
Anthony Dopping and the Church of Ireland, 1685-95
Gilmore, M.E., M.A. (1988), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary)
The Protestant churches, the Orange Order and public education in Northern Ireland, 1923-47
McAllister, W.J., Ph.D. (1988), Belfast
The lord deputyship of Sir Arthur Chichester in Ireland, 1605-16
McCavitt, J., Ph.D. (1988), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary)
The Church of Ireland's policy in education in Northern Ireland, 1930-80
McKelvey, R.S.J.H., M.A. (1988), Belfast
The education of Ulster students at Glasgow university during the 18th century
Bishop, I.M., M.A. (1987), Belfast (Stewart, A.T.Q.)
English and Irish Catholics in Northumberland, c.1745-c.1860
Doherty, S., Ph.D. (1987), Belfast (Green, I.M.; Hempton, D.N.)
Evangelicalism and the churches in Ulster society, 1770-1850
Hill, Myrtle, Ph.D. (1987), Belfast (Hempton, D.N.)
A social and economic history of the city of Kilkenny during the Ormond period, 1392-1843
Neely. , W.G., Ph.D. (1987), Belfast (Clarkson, L.A.)
Sir Basil Brooke: the making of a prime minister
Barton, B.E., Ph.D. (1986), Belfast (Harkness, D.W.)
The Presbyterians of Cavan and Monaghan: an immigrant community in S. Ulster over three centuries
Brown, L.T., Ph.D. (1986), Belfast
A conceptual and historical analysis of the nature, place and scope of vocational education in schools in England and Ireland, 1830-1922, and England and Northern Ireland, 1922-85
Coffey, D.T., Ph.D. (1986), Belfast