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The West German S.P.D. and security policy from 1949 until the summer of 1989.
Stevenson, D.W.S., Ph.D. (1990), Bradford
Helmut Nicolai: the critical biography of a Nazi theorist and bureaucrat.
Housden, V.M., Ph.D. (1989), Bradford (Dyson, K.H.F.; Hiden, J.W.)
Leisure activities in Bradford and its environs, 1870-1920
Mann, .Y., M.Phil. (1989), Bradford
The historical genesis of the Islamic revolution
Zibakalam-Mofrad, S., Ph.D. (1989), Bradford
The 1740 Chinese massacres in Java: how Dutch colonialism created a problem minority in its effort to thwart Indonesia's domestic bourgeoisie
Kemasang, T.C., Ph.D. (1988), Bradford
The Labour party and family support policy, 1940-79
Pratt, A., Ph.D. (1988), Bradford
Agricultural co-operatives and changes in Greek agriculture since 1949.
Lappas, N., Ph.D. (1987), Bradford
The structure and political significance of sport in the German Democratic Republic.
Sutcliffe, P.W., Ph.D. (1987), Bradford
A scientific investigation of the brick and tile industry of York to the mid 18th century
Betts, I.M., Ph.D. (1985), Bradford
Methodism in Leeds, 1791-1861
Dews, D.C., M.Phil. (1985), Bradford (Reynolds, J.; Fraser, D.)
The roots of Jordanian-Palestinian relations, 1921-51
Abdul-Hadi, M.M.F., Ph.D. (1984), Bradford
Socio-economic change in two Greek peasant communities, 1849-81.
Kasimis, C., Ph.D. (1983), Bradford
Gandhi as a political organizer: an analysis of local and national campaigns in India, 1915-22
Overy, B., Ph.D. (1983), Bradford
Sir Isaac Holden (1807-97): 'the first comber in Europe'
Jennings, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (1982), Bradford (Reynolds, J.; Iredale, J.)
Fascism and Fascists in Britain in the 1930s: a case study of Fascism in the north of England in a period of economic and political change
Rawnsley. , S.J., Ph.D. (1982), Bradford (Coles, P.H.; Reynolds, J.)
Housing policy in Leeds, 1919-39
Finnigan, R.E., M.Phil. (1981), Bradford (Fraser, D.)
The conduct and development of the brewing industry in England and Wales, 1880-1938
Hawkins, K., Ph.D. (1981), Bradford
The West Riding cotton industry, 1780-1835.
Ingle, G., Ph.D. (1980), Bradford (Iredale, J.; Reynolds, J.)
The poor law in Bradford, c.1834-c.1871: a study of the relief of poverty in mid 19th-century Bradford.
Ashforth, D., Ph.D. (1979), Bradford (Fraser, D.)
The British reaction to Germany's Ottoman policy, 1870-85.
Al Amir, Y.S., Ph.D. (1978), Bradford (Scott, G.)