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Housing policy in Leeds, 1919-39
Finnigan, R.E., M.Phil. (1981), Bradford (Fraser, D.)
The conduct and development of the brewing industry in England and Wales, 1880-1938
Hawkins, K., Ph.D. (1981), Bradford
The West Riding cotton industry, 1780-1835.
Ingle, G., Ph.D. (1980), Bradford (Iredale, J.; Reynolds, J.)
The poor law in Bradford, c.1834-c.1871: a study of the relief of poverty in mid 19th-century Bradford.
Ashforth, D., Ph.D. (1979), Bradford (Fraser, D.)
The British reaction to Germany's Ottoman policy, 1870-85.
Al Amir, Y.S., Ph.D. (1978), Bradford (Scott, G.)
A.J. Cook: a study in trade union leadership.
Davies, P., Ph.D. (1978), Bradford (Scott, G.)
Transition in Leeds city government, 1903-26.
Meadowcroft, M.J., M.Phil. (1978), Bradford
Syndicalism and the Yorkshire miners, 1910-14.
Davies, P., M.Sc. (1977), Bradford (Scott, G.)
Bradford politics, 1880-1096.
Ross, W.D., Ph.D. (1977), Bradford (Coles, P.H.; Reynolds, J.)
Administration and education in the West Riding, 1900-6.
Smith, J.D., M.Sc. (1977), Bradford (Flood-Page, C.M.; Reynolds, J.)
Methodism in Halifax and district, 1780-1850.
Teale, A.E., M.Sc. (1977), Bradford (Reynolds, J.; Fraser, D.)
The Irish question in Anglo-American relations, 1914-22.
Brown, S.A.J., Ph.D. (1976), Bradford (Lane, A.T.; Scott, G.)
The establishment of municipal government in Bradford, 1837-57.
Elliott, A., Ph.D. (1976), Bradford (Reynolds, J.; Fraser, D.)
Bradford: radical city in the Liberal age.
Garne, D.F., M.Sc. (1976), Bradford (Reynolds, J.)
The eclipse of Christian-religious assumptions: England in the 1870s.
Lyon, D., Ph.D. (1976), Bradford (Coles, P.H.; Smith, K.E.)
The Bradford textile warehouse, 1770-1914.
Roberts, J.S., M.Sc. (1976), Bradford
The Liberal party and South Africa, 1868-80.
Austin, J.R., Ph.D. (1974), Bradford (Scott, G.)
Problems encountered in Bradford during its early 19th-century development.
Bailey, J.F., M.A. (1974), Bradford (Reynolds, J.)
The genesis of the Industrial Revolution in Bradford, 1760-1830.
Firth, G., Ph.D. (1974), Bradford (Reynolds, J.)
A biography of John Lister of Shibden Hall, first treasurer of the Independent Labour Party.
Drake, H.J. O'H., Ph.D. (1973), Bradford (Coles, P.H.; Reynolds, J.)