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The maritime trade of the smaller Bristol channel ports in the 16th century.
Taylor, Duncan, Ph.D. (2009), Bristol
Bishop, reformer, martyr and puritan Anglican: an examination of the life and writings of John Hooper, c.1500-1555, bishop of Gloucester.
Wheaton, Patrick, M.Phil. (2009), Bristol
The China-Taiwan relationship: Taiwan's identity evolution since the 1940s and its impact on the Cross Taiwan Strait.
Zuo, Yana, Ph.D. (2009), Bristol
The Italian garden in England, 1787-1863.
Bradney, Caroline J., Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
The arboriculture of West Country parks and gardens, 1660-1730.
Chambers, Tasmin V.A., Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Vernacular theology: Dominican sermons and audience in late medieval Italy.
Corbari, Eliana, Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Pleasure, profit and provender: the landscape archaeology of the game larder in Somerset and Gloucestershire, 1660-1837.
Delany, Rosalind, Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Communication, trade and steamship operation between Britain and Australia in the mid 19th century: what were the problems faced by steamship operators on the long-distance run to Australia?
Elston, Jacqueline A., Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
The science of Bernardus Silvestris: a study of the Cosmographia.
Kauntze, Mark R.A., Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Congregational separatism and the development of Separate-Baptist ecclesiology in New England, 1745-1833: with a view toward demonstrating the factors why the Separate Baptists in New England did not develop a theologically functional universal-church con
Snavely, Bruce, Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Gardens for the London child: the utilisation of gardens and nature for the physical, educational and psychological development of children in London, 1850-1939.
Stacy, Lorna, Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Fighting for peace? How has the Roman army been perceived and portrayed by historians, military historians and the popular imagination?
Stride, Richard J., M.Phil. (2008), Bristol
Paradise of exiles: the Anglo-Florentine garden.
Campbell, Katie, Ph.D. (2007), Bristol
A British diplomat in China: Sir John Jordan and the Shantung question, 1914-20.
Hirata, Koji, M.Phil. (2007), Bristol
The development of Conservative party policy towards Ireland, 1830-5.
Jones, Branwen N., M.Phil. (2007), Bristol
Empire careers: the foreign staff of the Chinese Customs Service, 1854-1949.
Ladds, Catherine, Ph.D. (2007), Bristol
Redistribution and the Second Reform Act: the intended, and unintended, electoral effects on the balance of the political parties.
Woodberry, Richard D.A., Ph.D. (2007), Bristol
Lost formal gardens of the north midlands, 1690-1750: a study of Staffordshire gardens and landscape parks.
Barre, Dianne C., Ph.D. (2006), Bristol
Hinton priory and its impact on the locality.
Dodge, Margaret, M.Phil. (2006), Bristol
Paganism in England, 1885-1914.
Hallett, Jennifer R., Ph.D. (2006), Bristol