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Total mobilisation': party, state and citizen in Taiwan under Chinese Nationalist rule, 1944-55.
Ma, Tehyun, Ph.D. (2009), Bristol
Tientsin and its hinterland in Anglo-Chinese relations, 1925-37.
Mansor, Suffian, Ph.D. (2009), Bristol
Collecting the 'Minoans' in 20th-21st century Bristol.
Phillips, Laura, M.Phil. (2009), Bristol
The maritime trade of the smaller Bristol channel ports in the 16th century.
Taylor, Duncan, Ph.D. (2009), Bristol
Bishop, reformer, martyr and puritan Anglican: an examination of the life and writings of John Hooper, c.1500-1555, bishop of Gloucester.
Wheaton, Patrick, M.Phil. (2009), Bristol
The China-Taiwan relationship: Taiwan's identity evolution since the 1940s and its impact on the Cross Taiwan Strait.
Zuo, Yana, Ph.D. (2009), Bristol
The Italian garden in England, 1787-1863.
Bradney, Caroline J., Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
The arboriculture of West Country parks and gardens, 1660-1730.
Chambers, Tasmin V.A., Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Vernacular theology: Dominican sermons and audience in late medieval Italy.
Corbari, Eliana, Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Pleasure, profit and provender: the landscape archaeology of the game larder in Somerset and Gloucestershire, 1660-1837.
Delany, Rosalind, Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Communication, trade and steamship operation between Britain and Australia in the mid 19th century: what were the problems faced by steamship operators on the long-distance run to Australia?
Elston, Jacqueline A., Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
The science of Bernardus Silvestris: a study of the Cosmographia.
Kauntze, Mark R.A., Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Congregational separatism and the development of Separate-Baptist ecclesiology in New England, 1745-1833: with a view toward demonstrating the factors why the Separate Baptists in New England did not develop a theologically functional universal-church con
Snavely, Bruce, Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Gardens for the London child: the utilisation of gardens and nature for the physical, educational and psychological development of children in London, 1850-1939.
Stacy, Lorna, Ph.D. (2008), Bristol
Fighting for peace? How has the Roman army been perceived and portrayed by historians, military historians and the popular imagination?
Stride, Richard J., M.Phil. (2008), Bristol
Paradise of exiles: the Anglo-Florentine garden.
Campbell, Katie, Ph.D. (2007), Bristol
A British diplomat in China: Sir John Jordan and the Shantung question, 1914-20.
Hirata, Koji, M.Phil. (2007), Bristol
The development of Conservative party policy towards Ireland, 1830-5.
Jones, Branwen N., M.Phil. (2007), Bristol
Empire careers: the foreign staff of the Chinese Customs Service, 1854-1949.
Ladds, Catherine, Ph.D. (2007), Bristol
Redistribution and the Second Reform Act: the intended, and unintended, electoral effects on the balance of the political parties.
Woodberry, Richard D.A., Ph.D. (2007), Bristol