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Lost formal gardens of the north midlands, 1690-1750: a study of Staffordshire gardens and landscape parks.
Barre, Dianne C., Ph.D. (2006), Bristol
Hinton priory and its impact on the locality.
Dodge, Margaret, M.Phil. (2006), Bristol
Paganism in England, 1885-1914.
Hallett, Jennifer R., Ph.D. (2006), Bristol
John Whitson (c.1557-1629): ‘the best type of merchant’?
Jones, David W., M.Phil. (2006), Bristol
Thomas of Brotherton, earl of Norfolk and marshal of England: a study in early 14th-century aristocracy.
Marshall, Alison F., Ph.D. (2006), Bristol
War on the land: an environmental history of the Second World War and its aftermath in south-eastern France, 1939-45.
Pearson, Chris, Ph.D. (2006), Bristol
The household knights of Edward II.
Tebbit, Alistair, Ph.D. (2006), Bristol
The Roman to medieval transition in the environs of South Cadbury Castle, Somerset.
Davey, John E., Ph.D. (2005), Bristol
England and medieval anti-semitism, 1150-1350: clerical sermons and the transmission of stereotypes.
Kovalcik, Timothy Mitchell, Ph.D. (2005), Bristol
The gardens of the country gentry in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, 1660-1760.
McNicol, Martin Wilkinson, M.Phil. (2005), Bristol
The medieval landscape and economy of the Forest of Dean.
Townley, Elizabeth L., Ph.D. (2005), Bristol
The intellectual origins of Victorian ritual magic.
Butler, Alison L., Ph.D. (2004), Bristol (Hutton, Ronald E.)
Milites Christi in Hortis Liliorum Domini? Hagiographic constructions of masculinity and holiness in 13th-century Liege.
More, Alison, Ph.D. (2004), Bristol (Meussig, Carolyn)
Artisans and the city: a social history of Bristol's shoemakers and tailors, 1770-1880.
Davies, Julian P., Ph.D. (2003), Bristol (Reid, Kirsty M.)
The relationship between the counts of Flanders and the Capetian kings, 1060-1214.
Ruel, James, M.Litt. (2003), Bristol (Bull, Marcus G.)
The career of Roger Mortimer, 1st earl of March (c.1287-1330).
Dryburgh, Paul R., Ph.D. (2002), Bristol (Smith, Brendan .)
'As lated tongues bespoke': popular protest in south-east England, 1790-1840.
Griffin, Carl J., Ph.D. (2002), Bristol (Glennie, Paul)
Local government film censorship: the control of film exhibition in England and Wales, 1909-39.
Lewis, Sian, Ph.D. (2002), Bristol (Lowe, Rodney)
Aspects of the English Revolution, December 1648-May 1649.
Beesley, Edward A.V., Ph.D. (2001), Bristol
The figure in the carpet: tracing the Turk on the early modern English stage, 1581-1642.
Hutchings, Mark, Ph.D. (2001), Bristol (White, Martin)