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Political, religious and social aspects of Stroud parliamentary borough, 1830-52
Walmsley. , .M., M.Litt. (1990), Bristol (Vincent, J.R.)
The community of Bath and Somerset and the Great Civil War
Wroughton. , J.P., Ph.D. (1990), Bristol (Hutton, R.E.)
Bishop Baines and the tensions in the Western District, 1823-43
Cashman, J., M.Litt. (1989), Bristol
The clergy of the city of Chester, 1630-72
Crossley Evans. , M.J., Ph.D. (1989), Bristol (Hutton, R.E.)
William Alnwick, bishop of Norwich (1426-37) and Lincoln (1437-49)
Hayes, Rosemary C.E., Ph.D. (1989), Bristol (Dobson, R.B.)
The formulation of British public expenditure policy, 1919-25
McDonald. , A.J., Ph.D. (1989), Bristol (Peden, G.C.)
Changes in the rural spatial economy of an English county: Somerset, 1947-80
Mills, E.A., Ph.D. (1989), Bristol
'Paper wars': propaganda in official publications during the English Civil War, 1642-6
Trenaman. , P.J., M.Litt. (1989), Bristol (Hutton, R.E.)
The clouded face of truth: a review of the South African newspaper press approaching union
Barlow, Monica A., Ph.D. (1988), Bristol (Ingham, K.)
The state, nationalization and transport policy, 1945-55
McDonald, A., Ph.D. (1988), Bristol (Nichols, W.A.T.)
The relationship between central government and local government in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, 1660-88
Norrey. , P.J., Ph.D. (1988), Bristol (Hutton, R.E.)
Industrial relations and health and safety at work in post-war Britain: a study of conflict and control in the workplace
Watterson, A., Ph.D. (1988), Bristol
The politics of Bristol, 1867-86
Woodberry. , R.D.A., M.Litt. (1988), Bristol (Vincent, J.R.)
Norwich Methodism in the 1750s, with special reference to James Wheatley
Bellamy, E.J., M.Litt. (1987), Bristol
Selected aspects of the life of Richard Fox, 1446-1528
Carless. , R.H.K., M.Litt. (1987), Bristol (Guy, J.A.)
Trade and settlement in medieval Somerset (900-1400)
Gerrard, C.M., Ph.D. (1987), Bristol
The Lunacy Commission, 1845-60, with special reference to the implementation of policy in Kent and Surrey
Hervey. , N.B., Ph.D. (1987), Bristol (Lowe, R.; Large, D.)
The impact of pacifism on British defence and foreign policy, 1931-7
Silverlock, G.A., M.Litt. (1987), Bristol (Whittam, J.R.; Peden, G.C.)
The re-birth of the Roman Catholic community in Frome, 1850-1927
Harding, J.A., M.Litt. (1986), Bristol
Agriculture and industry in Nailsea and district, 1780-1880
Thomas, Margaret A., M.Phil. (1986), Bristol (Bettey, J.H.; Moore, B.J.S.)