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Fundus and manerium: a study of continuity and survival in Gloucestershire from Roman to medieval times
Wool. , S.T., Ph.D. (1983), Bristol (Moore, B.J.S.; Aston, M.)
The development of Royal Air Force fighter aircraft defences in Great Britain, 1934 - June 1940
Young. , N.L., Ph.D. (1983), Bristol (Whittam, J.R.)
The loss of Swazi independence, 1875-99
Archer, T.B. Carr, Ph.D. (1982), Bristol (Ingham, K.)
King Charles I, the earl of Essex and the Lostwithiel campaign of 1644
Robertson, N.G.F., M.Litt. (1982), Bristol (McGrath, P.V.)
Trade between southern Britain and the Roman world in the late iron age, 54 B.C.-A.D. 43
Sealey, P.R., Ph.D. (1982), Bristol
Thomas Goldney, 1696-1768: aspects of the life of a Bristol merchant
Stembridge, Peggy K., M.Litt. (1982), Bristol (Clay, C.G.A.)
Leisure and cultural facilities in small Somerset towns, 1880-1900: a study of Bridgwater, Street, Taunton and Yeovil
Waszak, P.J.D., M.Sc. (1982), Bristol (Ashworth, W.)
The labour movement in Bristol, 1914-39
Whitfield. , R., M.Litt. (1982), Bristol (Large, D.)
County and municipal government in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset, 1649-60
Williams. , J.R., Ph.D. (1982), Bristol (McGrath, P.V.)
The Crown, the house of commons and foreign policy in the reign of James I, 1603-25
Colwill. , I.M., Ph.D. (1981), Bristol (McGrath, P.V.)
The Rio Tinto Company, 1873-1954: an economic history of a leading international mining concern.
Harvey, C.E., Ph.D. (1981), Bristol (Alford, B.W.E.)
The electoral history of Poole, 1832-85
McDonald, T.A., M.Litt. (1981), Bristol (Vincent, J.R.)
Bristol's housing policy, 1919-30
Summerbell, Madge, M.Sc. (1981), Bristol (Ashworth, W.)
Middle East oil and Anglo-American relations, 1918-34.
Venn, Fiona M., Ph.D. (1981), Bristol (Vincent, J.R.)
Theology and politics in the English Revolution, 1640-60.
Bridger, F.W., Ph. D. (1980), Bristol
The Crown, the house of commons and foriegn policy in the reign of james I, 1603-25.
Colwill, I.M., Ph. D. (1980), Bristol (McGrath, P.V.)
Farming, farm work and farm workers in Victorian Gloucestershire.
Miller, Celia A., Ph.D. (1980), Bristol (Ashworth, W.; Large, D.)
Railway developent and population changes in 19th-century East Anglia.
Okyay, T., Ph.D. (1980), Bristol
Bristol castle: archaeology anf the history of a royal fortress.
Ponsford, M.W., M. Litt. (1980), Bristol
Anglo-Ethiopian relations, 1935-42.
Tsehai, B., Ph.D. (1980), Bristol (Ingham, K.)