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The representation of the question of Jerusalem in the British press, 1967-2000: The Times, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph.
Al-Najjar, Abeer I.M., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh
The Seljuqs.
Basan, Osman Aziz, Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Hillenbrand, Carole)
Franco-German relations in the 20th century.
Clement, Corey R., M.Sc. (2003), Edinburgh
Witch-hunting in the presbytery of Dalkeith, 1649-62.
Cordey, Anna L., M.Sc. (2003), Edinburgh
The politics of submission in the early medieval British Isles and Brittany (8th-11th centuries).
Davidson, Michael R., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Brown, Thomas S.; Wolff, A.)
Gender and Britishness in 18th-century Scotland.
Glover, Katharine E., M.Sc. (2003), Edinburgh
Social, cultural and economic spaces and the building of Edinburgh's first new town, 1752-1802.
Hammerschmidt, Soren C.E., M.Sc. (2003), Edinburgh
Churchill as a military leader, 1940-5.
Hodkinson, Chris, M.Sc. (2003), Edinburgh
A Scot of the Antarctic: the reception and commemoration of William Speirs Bruce
Keighren, Innes, M.Sc. (2003), Edinburgh
Machiavelli and Italian nationhood.
Landon, William, Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Mackenney, Richard S.)
Attempting to bring the gospel home: Scottish Presbyterian churches' missionary efforts to the Christians, Jews and Muslims of Palestine, 1839-1917.
Marten, Michael A., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Chalcraft, John)
The treatment of trauma in British soldiers in World War II.
McEwen, Yvonne T., M.Sc. (2003), Edinburgh
The land question in south-east Scotland, 1850-1914.
Mulhern, Mark A., M.Sc. (2003), Edinburgh
Dr. William Roxburgh (1751-1815): the founding father of Indian botany.
Robinson, Timothy F., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Philipson, Nicholas T.; Noltie, Henry)
Scotland and Philip II, 1580-98: politics, religion, diplomacy and lobbying.
Sáenz-Cambra, Concepción, Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Goodare, Julian)
Knighthood, chivalry and the Crown in 15th-century Scotland, 1424-1513.
Stevenson, Katherine C., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Boardman, Stephen I.; Goodare, Julian)
Politics and religion in Edinburgh, 1617-53.
Stewart, Laura A.M., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Goodare, Julian)
Nationalism in Scotland and Norway in the 19th century.
Strøm, Kirstin Flood, M.Sc. (2003), Edinburgh
The Scottish government and the French threat, 1792-1802
Wold, Atle L., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Dickinson, Harry T.; Murdoch, Alexander)
A journey between East and West: Yang Changji (1871-1920) and his thought.
Zhang, Ming, Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Bailey, Paul J.)