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The unwelcome bridle: Peter Martyr Vermigli, the doctrine of the Church and the English Reformation.
Ackroyd, Peter M., Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh
A regional road to revolution: religion, politics and society in S.W. Scotland, 1600-50.
Adams, Sharon, Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Goodare, Julian M.)
Lay piety in later medieval Scotland.
Brown, Helen S., M.Sc. (2002), Edinburgh
The F.B.I., Franklin Roosevelt and the anti-interventionist movement, 1939-45.
Charles, Douglas M., Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh (Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri; Stafford, D.)
Enlightenment contra humanism: Michel Foucault's critical history of thought.
Dalgliesh, Bregham P., Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh
The emergence of evangelical theology in Scotland to 1550.
Dotterweich, Martin Holt, Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh
Appleton's architects: building the University of Edinburgh, 1949-65.
Fenton, Clive Barr, Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh
Lines upon a map: an analysis of the imposition of the western concept of dividing political space in Tanganyika, 1884-1961.
Ford, Neil A., Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh (Nugent, Paul C.)
English Restoration monarchy in the 18th century.
Gifford, Gregory D.W., M.Sc. (2002), Edinburgh
Borders history, 1450-1700
Groundwater, K. Anne, M.Sc. (2002), Edinburgh
The design of structure in Scottish masonry buildings, c.1100-1650
Harris, Graham St.J.M., Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh (Lowrey, J.P.; Macdonald, A.J.)
Yoked to the plough: male convict labour, culture and resistance in rural Van Diemen's Land, 1820-40.
Hindmarsh, Bruce, Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh (Bates, Crispin P.; Duffield, Ian)
Romantic nationalism and modernity as competing narratives of identity in the Museum of Scotland, with reference to the Canadian Museum of Civilisation, and the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.
Hourston, Laura A., Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh
Popular perceptions of Scottishness, 1780-1850.
Iwazumi, Kino, Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh (Morton, Graeme; Morris, Robert J.)
Irish migrant identity in Yorkshire and Lancashire, 1815-45.
Langstaff, Mariclaire, Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh (Duffield, Ian; Morris, Robert J.)
The Indian independence movement.
Lincoln, Brian J., M.Sc. (2002), Edinburgh
Politics, culture and medicine in Malawi: historical continuities and ruptures, with special reference to H.I.V./A.I.D.S.
Lwanda, John L.C., Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh
Education in colonial India.
McMorland, Peter A.J., M.Sc. (2002), Edinburgh
Marcellus of Ancyra and the Arian controversy: a bishop in context.
Parvis, Sarah E., Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh
Convicts, communication and authority: Britain and New South Wales, 1810-30.
Phillipps, Christina J.V. Picton, Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh (Duffield, Ian; Nenadic, Stana)